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Discussione: ClanBase NationCup

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    A.S.Allied Serial Killers L'avatar di R.e.X
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    ClanBase NationCup

    e anche questo anno c'e la NC

    Sunday 14 March
    by: DeadEye - Comments (1)
    Hi and welcome to another season of the Day of Defeat NationsCup. This season will feature some changes, compared to last season, for example two new supervisors, sNc and DeadEye will be your supervisors.

    Nations Team Captains

    Each country should be represented by a nations team captain. The nations team captain is responsible for leading the team, just as a 'normal' clan leader. That means: Picking the team best suited to represent the nation, organizing the team and making sure that they can work together, making sure that the matches are arranged and that the players are there, being the spokesman for the team towards other teams, the match admins and the supervisors, etc. etc.. In general: the one who is making decisions.

    If you want to be a nations captain, you should do this:

    Gather as much support as you can from your country's top clans (i.e. clans from which players for the national team are likely to be recruited) and from top players playing for foreign or international clans. Copy/paste the lines in irc where they confirm that they support your candidacy.

    Mail us, ,in the following way:

    - The subject must be "NC6: [country] captain", e.g. "NC6: Germany captain"
    - Start the email with your nickname, your clan, and your ClanBase hid (the number between brackets on your player page, NOT your pid)
    - Provide a list of the clans and players who support your candidacy + the irc bits where they say so
    - If your country has shaky internet connections: provide details of international online matches recently played by your local players/clans to demonstrate that you can field a competitive national team (cfr. the rules)

    All captains will be appointed by us based on the amount of support they have in the scene.

    The deadline for applying deadline for applying is Sunday March 21th at 23:00CET, so you only have a week to submit your application.

    Cup Admins

    We are also looking for dedicated Cup admins! If you meet the following requirements, sign up!
    Dedication: If you want to be a cup admin, we expect you to work hard and regulary set yourself available for matches.
    Motivation: Don't sign up for the status of being cup admin, do it because you are motivated to help.
    Experience: You need to be familiar with rcon commands and server settings. Also good writing skills (in proper English) are required, since you have to write a report for each match that you adminned.
    The time you have to invest into cup matches is often underestimated. To admin a match usually means being available for server negotiations, adminning the match itself and almost the most important part: to write a match report. Don't be afraid to solve difficult situations and ask for help if a conflict or problems occur.
    Official Link : http://www.clanbase.com/news_league.php?lid=1422

    convocazioni TeamIta : http://forum.ngi.it/showthread.php?s...91#post4922191

    ./ Vicepresidente dell' A.S. Allied Serial Killers in DoD:S "[ASK]ReX" -- #askclan in Qnet
    ./ Membro del Team Italy in DoD:S "-Italia.ReX-"
    ./ Joina l'A.S. Allied Serial Killers nella Steam Comunity
    ./ Noob Photographer Of DeviantArt

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    Utente L'avatar di IrONj
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    Hanno scelto per noi i colori del cielo e della notte. Infinito amore, eterna squadra mia.

    Vendo Ps2 slim + giochi e accessori.

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