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Discussione: Ecco cosa ci prospetta il futuro sulle nostre console preferite!

Cambio titolo
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    Bannato L'avatar di darkcrow
    Registrato il

    Occhiolino Ecco cosa ci prospetta il futuro sulle nostre console preferite!

    Titolo System Genere
    Alias Xbox, PS2 Action
    Combat Elite: WWII Paratroopers ? Action
    Juiced Xbox, PS2 Racing
    Legend of Wrestling Xbox, PS2 Sport
    The Red Star Xbox, PS2 Shooting

    Titolo System Genere
    Diversi titoli Sony PSP -
    DRIV3R PS2, Xbox Action
    Duel Masters Game Boy Advance Strategia
    New Matrix Game PS2, Xbox, GC Action
    Sid Meier's Pirates! PS2, Xbox, GC Action/Adv.
    Transformers Armada PS2 Action
    Yu-Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament PS2 Action
    ZOIDS: Battle Legends Gamecube Action

    Titolo System Genere
    2 titoli Sony PSP ?
    Call of Duty: Finest Hour ? Action
    Fantastic Four (Marvel) ? Action
    Iron Man (Marvel) ? Action
    Quake 4 Xbox, PC ?
    Shark Tale Xbox, PS2, GC, GBA Action
    Shrek 2 : The Game Xbox, PS2, GC Action
    Spider-Man 2 Xbox, PS2, GC Action
    Tony Hawk ? Sport
    True Crime II Xbox, PS2, GC Action
    X-Men Legends (Marvel) ? Action

    Titolo System Genere
    Crimson Tears PlayStation2 Action
    Devil May Cry 3 PlayStation2 Action
    Dino Crisis 4 PlayStation2 Action/Adv.
    Disney's Aladdin Game Boy Advance Action
    Ghouls 'N Ghosts Online Xbox, PS2 Action
    Hyper Street Fighter II PlayStation2 Action
    Jiraiya: The Magical Ninja PlayStation2 Action
    Killer 7 PS2, GC Action/Adv.
    Maximo 3 PlayStation2 Action
    Mega Man Battle Network 4 Red Sun / Blue Moon Game Boy Advance Action
    Mega Man Mania Game Boy Advance Action
    Mickey's Magical Quest 3 Game Boy Advance Action
    Monster Hunter PlayStation2 Action Online
    Nightmare Before Christmas PlayStation2 Action
    Onimusha 3 PlayStation2 Action
    Resident Evil - Nuovo titolo PS2 Survival Horror
    Resident Evil 4 Gamecube Survival Horror
    Resident Evil Outbreak PlayStation2 Online Action
    RSII: Riding Spirits II (Spike) PS2 Racing
    Shadow of Rome PlayStation2 Action
    Viewtiful Joe PlayStation2 Action
    Way of the Samurai 2 PlayStation2 Action

    Titolo System Genere
    Race Driver 2 Online Xbox Racing
    MTV Music Generator 3 Xbox, PS2 Musicale

    Titolo System Genere
    Hitman: Contracts Xbox, PS2 Action
    ShellShock: Nam '67 Xbox, PS2 Shooting
    Thief: Deadly Shadows Xbox Action/Adv.

    Titolo System Genere
    8 - 12 Titoli Sony PSP ?
    Battlefield 1942 Xbox Action
    Burnout 3 Xbox, PS2 Racing
    Catwoman Xbox, PS2, GC Action
    Golden Eye 2 Xbox, PS2 3D Shooting
    FIFA Online PlayStation2 Sport
    Madden NFL 2005 Xbox, PS2, GC Sport
    MVP Baseball 2005 Xbox, PS2, GC Sport
    NCAA FOOTBALL 2005 Xbox, PS2, GC Sport
    PGA Tour 2005 Xbox, PS2, GC Action
    New Desert Strike Xbox, PS2 Action
    SSX 4 ? ?
    The Godfather ? ?
    Time Splitters 3 Xbox, PS2, GC 3D Shooting
    UEFA Euro 2004 Xbox, PS2, GC Sport

    Titolo System Genere
    Boktai II Game Boy Advance Action
    Alcuni titoli PSP ?
    Gradius V PlayStation2 Shooting
    Metal Gear Solid 3 PlayStation2 Action
    Nano Breaker PlayStation2 Action
    Neo Contra PlayStation2 Action
    Un titolo calcistico (online?) Xbox Sport
    Shaman King PS2, GBA Action
    Silent Hill 4 Xbox, PS2 Action/Adv.
    Suikoden IV PlayStation2 RPG
    Ys VI PlayStation2 RPG
    Yu-Gi-Oh! The King of Destiny Xbox Action

    Titolo System Genere
    The Movies Xbox, PS2, GC Simulation
    Unity Gamecube Action

    Titolo System Genere
    Mercenaries Xbox 3D Shooting
    Star Wars: Battle Front Xbox, PS2 Action
    Star Wars Battle Squadron (Factor 5) Gamecube Action
    Star Wars: Republic Commando Xbox Shooting

    Titolo System Genere
    BC Xbox Action RPG
    Doom 3 Xbox Action
    Fable Xbox RPG
    Fuzion Frenzy 2 Xbox Online Party
    Halo 2 Xbox 3D Shooting
    Jade Empire (Bioware) Xbox RPG
    Kameo: Elements of Power (Rare) Xbox Action
    MechAssault 2 Xbox Mechsim.
    New ODDWORLD INHABITANTS Game Xbox Action/Adv.
    Perfect Dark Zero (Rare) Xbox Action
    Phantom Dust Xbox Action
    Project Gotham Racing 3 Xbox Racing
    Psychonauts Xbox Action
    RalliSport Challenge 2 Xbox Racing
    Sudeki Xbox Action RPG
    True Fantasy Live Online Xbox MMORPG

    Titolo System Genere
    Area 51 Xbox, PS2 Action
    Mortal Kombat Deception Xbox, PS2 Action
    Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy Xbox, PS2 Action

    Titolo System Genere
    Ace Combat 5 PlayStation2 Action
    Baten Kaitos Gamecube RPG
    Clockwork Online PS2 ?
    Dead To Rights II Xbox, PS2 Action
    Plague of Darkness Xbox, PS2 Action
    Ridge Racer 6 PS2, Xbox, GC Racing
    Star Fox Gamecube Shooting
    Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2 PS2 Sport
    Street Racing Syndicate Xbox, PS2 Racing
    Taiko no Tatsujin PS2 Musicale
    Tales of Honesty / Rebirth / Justice ? ?
    Tales of Symphonia Gamecube RPG
    Tekken 5 ? Fighting
    The Nightmare of Druaga PlayStation2 Action RPG
    Xenosaga 2: Jenseits von Gut und Böse PlayStation2 RPG
    Xenosaga Freaks PS2 Puzzle/RPG

    Titolo System Genere
    Custom Robo: Battle Revolution Gamecube Action
    Donkey Konga Gamecube Musicale
    Donkey Kong Country 2 Game Boy Advance Action
    Famicom Mini Games Game Boy Advance Div.
    F-Zero 2 Game Boy Advance Racing
    Geist Gamecube Action
    Golden Sun Gamecube RPG
    Kirby - The Great Mirror Labyrinth Game Boy Advance Action
    Mario vs. Donkey Kong Game Boy Advance Action
    Mario 128 Gamecube ?
    Mario Golf: Advance Tour Game Boy Advance Sport
    Mario Tennis Gamecube Sport
    Metroid Prime 2 Gamecube Action
    Mother 3 Game Boy Advance RPG
    Paper Mario Gamecube RPG
    Pikmin 2 Gamecube Action
    Pilotwings 2 Gamecube Action
    Pokemon Fire Red / Leaf Green Game Boy Advance Action
    Pokemon Stadium Gamecube Action RPG
    Zelda (EGM 04.01.04) Game Boy Advance ?
    Zelda The Wind Waker 2 Gamecube Action RPG

    Titolo System Genere
    Darkwatch: Curse of the West Xbox, PS2 Action/Adv.
    Guilty Gear XX #Reload Xbox Fighting

    Titolo System Genere
    1 titolo del team Digital Rex (Yu Suzuki) ? ?
    2 nuovi titoli Amusement Vision Xbox ?
    3D Ages (new) PlayStation2 div.
    Altered Beast (Wow Entertainment) PlayStation2 Action
    Astro Boy (Sonic Team) PlayStation2 Action
    Blood Will Tell PlayStation2 Action
    ESPN NBA Basektball 2005 Xbox, PS2 Sport
    ESPN NFL Football 2005 Xbox, PS2 Sport
    ESPN NHL Hockey 2005 Xbox, PS2 Sport
    Fish: Legend of 7 Waters & Gods (Sega Wow) PlayStation2 Sim.
    Headhunter: Redemption Xbox, PS2 Action
    Massively Multiplayer Online Game (come dichiarato da Hisao Oguchi il 25.11.03) Xbox, PS2 Action
    New Game -1- (annunciato da Hideki Okamura 14.01.04) ? ?
    New Game -2- (in collaborazione con Hollywood Studio, confermato da Hideki Okamura 14.01.04) ? ?
    New RPG (confermato da Segas Hideki Okamura su Dorimaga del 14.01.04) ? RPG
    Out Run Xbox Racing
    Planet Gun Smoke Trigun (Amuement Vision & Red) ? Action/Adv.
    Puyo Puyo Fever Xbox, PS2, GC Puzzle
    Sakura Taisen V - Episode 0 PS2 RPG
    Sega Rally 3 PlayStation2 Racing
    Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon (THQ/Amusement Vision) GBA RPG
    Sonic Advance 3 (THQ) Game Boy Advance Action
    SpikeOut X-treme Xbox Fighting
    Super Monkey Ball 3 GC Action
    Virtua Fighter: Cyber Generation PS2, GC Action RPG

    Titolo System Genere
    Diversi titoli Sony PSP -
    Arc the Lad Online PlayStation2 Online RPG
    Axel Impact PlayStation2 Racing
    Athens 2004 PlayStation2 Sport
    Champions of Norrath 2 PlayStation2 Online RPG
    Colony Wars Online PlayStation2 Online Action
    Dark Chronicle 2 (Dark Cloud 3) PlayStation2 RPG
    EyeToy: Play 2 PlayStation2 Musicale
    Forbidden Siren PlayStation2 Horror Adv.
    G-Police PlayStation2 ?
    God of War PlayStation2 Action
    Gran Turismo 4 PlayStation2 Racing
    Hot Shots Golf Fore! PlayStation2 Sport
    Nico (Ico 2) PlayStation2 Action
    Jak III PlayStation2 Jump'n Run
    Killzone PlayStation2 3D Shooting
    Mark of Kri 2 PlayStation2 Action
    New POLYPHONY DIGITAL Project PlayStation2 ?
    New Syphon Filter PlayStation2 Action
    New Twisted Metal PlayStation2 Action
    New Wipeout (Online) PlayStation2 Racing
    Ratchet & Clank 3 PlayStation2 Jump'n Run
    Rise of Honor 2 PlayStation2 Action
    Syphon Filter Omega Strain Online PlayStation2 Action
    Singstar PlayStation2 Musicale
    Sly Cooper 2: Band of Thieves PlayStation2 Jump'n Run
    The Getaway 2 PlayStation2 Action

    Titolo System Genere
    Ambrosia Odyssey PlayStation2 RPG
    Alien's Fortress ? ?
    Action alla Devil May Cry con Cloud di Final Fantasy VII (da EGM) PlayStation2 Action
    Actraiser Game Boy Advance RPG
    Brave Shot ? ?
    Dragon Quest V PlayStation2 RPG
    Dragon Quest VIII PlayStation2 RPG
    Final Fantasy VII Advent Children DVD DVD
    Final Fantasy XI PlayStation2 RPG
    Final Fantasy XII PlayStation2 RPG
    Front Mission Online PlayStation2 Strategie
    Front Mission 4 PlayStation2 RPG
    Kingdom Hearts 2 PlayStation2 RPG
    Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Game Boy Advance RPG
    New Online RPG PlayStation2 RPG
    New Sim RPG ? Sim RPG
    Samurai Legend ? Action
    Slime Morimori Dragon Quest Game Boy Advance Action RPG
    Star Ocean Online ? Online RPG
    Star Ocean 3 Director's Cut PlayStation2 RPG

    Titolo System Genere
    Army Men: Sarge's War Xbox, PS2 Action
    Carve Xbox Action
    Grand Theft Auto Game Boy Advance Action
    GTA San Andreas PlayStation2 Action
    New Hidden & Dangerous ? Action
    Manhunt Xbox Action
    Red Dead Revolver Xbox, PS2 Action
    The Warriors PS2 Action
    UFC: Sudden Impact PS2 Action

    Titolo System Genere
    Dead or Alive Code: Cronus Xbox Fighting
    Dead or Alive Ultimate (DOA Online) Xbox Fighting
    New Deception (EGM 25.10.03) ? ?
    New TEAM NINJA Game Xbox ?
    Ninja Gaiden Xbox Action

    Titolo System Genere
    2-3 Giochi Sony PSP ?
    Alter Echo Xbox, PS2 Action
    Daredevil PlayStation2 Action
    Full Spectrum Warrior Xbox Shooting
    MX Unleashed ? Action
    Scooby Doo Xbox, PS2, GC Action
    The Incredibles Xbox, PS2, GC Action
    The Punisher Xbox, PS2 Action/Adv.
    Warhammer 40.000: Fire Warrior PlayStation2 Action

    Titolo System Genere
    Far Cry Xbox, PS2?, GC? 3D Shooting
    Massively Multiplayer Online Game ? ?
    Nightmare Creatures 3 - Angel of Darkness Xbox Action
    Prince of Persia 2 Xbox, PS2, GC Action
    Rayman 4 ? Action
    Splinter Cell 2X (non PT) Xbox Action

    Titolo System Genere
    Bard's Tale Xbox, PS2 RPG
    Chronicle of Riddick Xbox, PS2 Action
    Cold Winter PS2 ?
    Crash 6 Xbox, PS2, GBA Action
    Crash Bandicoot: Fusion Game Boy Advance Action
    Fast and Furious Xbox, PS2 Action
    Fight Club Xbox, PS2 Action
    Ghost Master Xbox, PS2 ?
    Krusty Demons Xbox, PS2 Action
    Leisure Suit Larry Xbox, PS2 Adv.
    Men of Valor Xbox Action
    Marvel Universe MMP (Marvel) ? Action
    Outlaw Golf 2 Xbox, PS2 Sport
    Predator Xbox, PS2 Action
    Red Ninja Xbox, PS2 Action
    Spyro 5 Xbox, PS2, GBA Action
    Spyro: Fusion Game Boy Advance Action
    Starcraft: Ghost Xbox, PS2, GC Action
    The Hulk 2 (Marvel) ? Action
    Titolo della PANDEMIC ? ?
    Van Helsing Xbox, PS2 Action
    X-File Resist or Serve Xbox, PS2 Action

    Sviluppatori minori/diversi
    Titolo System Genere Casa Publisher
    2 titoli Xbox, PS2 ? Circle Studio ?
    24 (BBC) ? Action/Adv. ? BBC
    Adventure Game PSP Adventure Visual Impact ?
    Animal Wars ? Mechsim. Factor 5 ?
    Armored Core Nexus PS2 Mechsim. From Software From Software
    Black 9 Xbox, PS2 Action Starbreeze Majesco
    Digimon Racing GBA Racing Bandai Bandai
    Gun Griffon: Devine Xbox Mechsim. Game Arts ?
    Joe PSP Action/Adv. Humansoft ?
    Mafia 2 Xbox, PS2 Action Illusion Softworks Gathering
    Half-Life 2 Xbox Shooting Valve ?
    King of Fighters 2003 PS2 Fighting SNK Neo Geo SNK Neo Geo
    King of Fighters Maximum Impact PS2 Fighting SNK Neo Geo SNK Neo Geo
    Knight Rider 2 Xbox, PS2 Action Davelix ?
    Korea: Forgotten Conflict Xbox Strategie Cenega Cenega
    La Pucelle: Tactics PS2 Taktik RPG Nippon Ichi Mastiff
    Last Ninja Xbox Action Simon & Schuster Simon & Schuster
    Malice Xbox, PS2 Action ZeniMax Evolved
    Metal Slug 3 Xbox Action SNK Neo Geo SNK Neo Geo
    Metal Slug Advance GBA Action SNK Neo Geo SNK Neo Geo
    Michigan PS2 Horror Grasshopper Manufacture Spike
    Miami Vice Xbox, PS2 Action Davelix ?
    Mutant Storm Xbox Action PomPom Games ?
    New Game ? ? Ready at Dawn ?
    New LEVEL 5 RPG ? RPG Level 5 Level 5
    New ZOMBIE Game Xbox, PS2 ? Zombie ?
    Painkiller Xbox 3D Shooting People Can Fly DreamCatcher
    Phoenix PS2, GC, Xbox Stealth Action Bits Studios Kemco
    Second Sight PS2, Xbox, GC Action/Adv. Free Radical ?
    SNK vs. Capcom Chaos Xbox Fighting SNK Neo Geo SNK Neo Geo
    Pillage PS2, GC Strategie Zed Two ?
    Powerdrome Xbox, PS2 Racing ZeniMax Evolved
    Pure Pinball nGen Xbox Flipper Iridion ?
    Reservoir Dogs Xbox, PS2 Action SCi Games ?
    Sakurasaka Shouboutai PS2 Action Irem Irem
    Spooks Xbox, PS2 Action/Adv. BBC BBC
    Sword of Dracula Xbox?, PS2?, GC? Action Critical Mass ?
    World Rally Championship 4 PS2 Racing Evolution Studios ?

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    Registrato il
    Questa lista mi sembra di averla vistà già un mesetto fa.

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    Bannato L'avatar di darkcrow
    Registrato il
    Vegeth Ssj

    Questa lista mi sembra di averla vistà già un mesetto fa.
    è qlla annunciata per l'E3 di quest'anno...
    avete visto?QUAKE IV SU XBOX

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    Speriamo che sia come dici tu...

    VEDO GRANDI COSE IN casa Nintendo!

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    ??? L'avatar di DANTE77
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    Via Degli Inferi n.666

    è qlla annunciata per l'E3 di quest'anno...
    avete visto?QUAKE IV SU XBOX
    Ufficiale un fico secco,ecco la lista reale dei titoli confermati per l'E3

    fonte IGN

    100 Bullets (PS2, Xbox)
    Combat Elite: World War II Paratroopers (PS2, Xbox)
    Juiced (PC, PS2, Xbox)
    SHOWDOWN: Legends of Wrestling (PS2, Xbox)
    The Red Star (PS2, Xbox)

    Call of Duty: Finest Hour (PS2, Xbox)
    Call of Duty: United Offensive (PC)
    Rome: Total War (PC)
    Spider-Man 2 (Cube, PC, PS2, Xbox)
    The Movies (PC)
    THUG 2 (Cube, PS2, Xbox)
    X-Men Legends (Cube, PS2, Xbox)

    The Adventure Company
    Atlantis Evolution (PC)
    Aura: Fate of the Ages (PC)
    Dark Fall 2: Lights Out (PC)
    Jules Verne 2 (PC)
    Riddle of the Sphinx II: The Temple of Mu (PC)

    Asterix & Obelix (PS2)
    Driver 3 (PS2, Xbox)
    Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors (GBA)
    Duel Masters: Sempai Legends (GBA)
    Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone (PS2)
    Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 (PC)
    Shadow Ops: Red Mercury (Xbox, PC) Terminator 3: Redemption (PS2, Xbox)
    Transformers (PS2)
    Yu-Yu Hakusho 2 (GBA)
    Zoids Legacy (GBA)

    Atlus Software
    Digital Devil Saga (PS2)
    Pro Fishing Challenge (Xbox)
    Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne (PS2)

    Bujingai: The Forgotten City (PS2)
    State of Emergency 2 (PS2, Xbox)

    Cowboy Bebop (PS2)
    Digimon Racing (GBA)
    Digimon Rumble Arena 2 (Cube, Xbox)
    Digimon World 4 (Cube, PS2, Xbox)
    Galactic Wrestling Featuring Ultimate Muscle (PS2)
    Gundam Battle Assault 3 (GBA, PS2)
    Inuyasha: The Secret of the Cursed Mask (PS2)
    Mobile Suit Z-Gundam: A.E.U.G. vs. Titans (PS2)
    RibbitKing (Cube, PS2)
    SD Gundam Force (GBA, PS2)

    Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth (PC, Xbox)
    IHRA Professional Drag Racing (PC, Xbox)
    Jade Empire (Xbox)

    StarCraft: Ghost (Cube, PS2, Xbox)
    World of Warcraft (PC)

    Crimson Tears (PS2)
    Killer 7 (Cube)
    Mega Man Anniversary Collection (Cube, GBA, PS2)
    Mega Man Battle Network 4: Blue Moon (GBA)
    Mega Man Battle Network 4: Red Sun (GBA)
    Mega Man X Command Mission (Cube, PS2)
    Monster Hunter (PS2)
    Onimusha 3: Demon Siege (PS2)
    Resident Evil 4 (Cube)
    Shadow of Rome (PS2)
    Street Fighter Anniversary Collection (PS2)
    Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas (PS2)
    Way of the Samurai 2 (PS2)
    Viewtiful Joe (PS2)
    Viewtiful Joe 2 (Cube, PS2)

    Blitzkrieg II (PC)
    Codename: Panzers (PC)
    Cossacks II (PC)

    Creature Conflict: The Clan Wars (PC)
    Gooka: The Mystery of Janatris (PC)
    Shade: Wrath of Angels (PC)
    The Roots (PC)

    Besieger (PC)
    Cold War (PC)
    Dungeon Lords (PC)
    SuperPower 2 (PC)
    Painkiller (Xbox)

    ShellShock: Nam '67 (PC, PS2, Xbox)
    Thief: Deadly Shadows (PC, Xbox)

    Heroes of the Pacific (PC)

    Anarchy Online: Alien Invasion (PC)
    Dreamfall: The Longest Journey (PC)

    HD Interactive
    Nexus - The Jupiter Incident (PC)

    Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires (PS2)

    Boktai 2 (GBA)
    Gradius V (PS2)
    McFarlane's Evil Prophecy (PS2)
    Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (PS2)
    NanoBreaker (PS2)
    NeoContra (PS2)
    Shaman King (GBA)
    Silent Hill 4 (PS2, Xbox)
    Suikoden IV (PS2)
    YS VI: The Arc of Napishtim (PS2)

    Mercenaries (PS2, Xbox)
    Star Wars Battlefront (PC, PS2, Xbox)
    Star Wars: Republic Commando (PC, Xbox)

    The Sims 2 (PC)

    Dungeon Siege 2 (PC)
    Fable (Xbox)
    Jade Empire (Xbox)
    Halo 2 (Xbox)
    Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict (Xbox)

    Area 51 (PS2, Xbox)
    Mortal Kombat Deception (PS2, Xbox)
    NARC (PS2, Xbox)
    Psi Ops (PS2, Xbox)

    Monte Cristo
    D-Day (PC)
    Fire Captain: Bay Area Inferno (PC)
    Medieval Lords: Build, Defend Expand (PC)

    Mutable Realms
    Wish (PC)

    Baten Kaitos (Cube)
    Street Racing Syndicate (Cube, PS2, Xbox)
    Tales of Symphonia (Cube)

    Chulip (PS2)
    Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life 2 (Cube)
    Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town 2 (GBA)

    Guild Wars (PC)
    Tabula Rasa (PC)
    Auto Assault (PC)
    City of Villains (PC)
    Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle (PC)

    Advance Wars (Cube)
    Classic NES Series: Super Mario Bros. (GBA)
    Classic NES Series: Donkey Kong (GBA)
    Classic NES Series: Excitebike (GBA)
    Classic NES Series: The Legend of Zelda (GBA)
    Classic NES Series: Ice Climber (GBA)
    Classic NES Series: Pac-Man (GBA)
    Classic NES Series: Xevious (GBA)
    Classic NES Series: Bomberman (GBA)
    Donkey Kong Country 2 (GBA)
    Donkey Konga (Cube)
    Fire Emblem (Cube)
    F-Zero 2: Legend of Falcon (GBA)
    Geist (Cube)
    Mario Party 6 (Cube)
    Mario Golf Advance Tour (GBA)
    Mario Tennis (Cube)
    Metroid Prime 2 (Cube)
    Nintendo DS handheld system
    Paper Mario 2 (Cube)
    Pikmin 2 (Cube)
    Star Fox 2 (Cube)
    The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures (Cube)
    The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker 2 (Cube)

    Alpha Black Zero II (PC)
    Airborne Troops (PC, PS2)
    Alpha Black Troops (PC)
    Cyclone Circus (PS2)
    Inuits (PC, PS2)
    Project Delta (PC, PS2, Xbox)
    Project Snap (PC, PS2, Xbox)
    PSP Racing (PSP)
    Xyanide (GBA, N-Gage, Xbox)

    Sammy Studios
    Darkwatch (PS2, Xbox)
    Guilty Gear Isuka (PS2)
    Iron Phoenix (Xbox)
    Spy Fiction (PS2)
    The Shield (PS2, Xbox)

    Altered Beast (PS2)
    Astro Boy (PS2)
    Headhunter: Redemption (PS2, Xbox)

    Sony Online Entertainment
    EverQuest II (PC)

    Square Enix
    Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (DVD)
    Front Mission 4 (PS2)
    Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (GBA)
    Kingdom Hearts II (PS2)
    Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Director's Cut (PS2)

    Strategy First
    ALFA: Antiterror (PC)
    Chaos League (PC)
    COPS 2170: The Power of Law (PC)

    Full Spectrum Warrior (PC, Xbox)
    Polar Express (Cube, GBA, PC, PS2)
    Punisher (PS2, Xbox)
    STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl (PC)
    SpongeBob: The Movie (Cube, GBA, PC, PS2, Xbox)
    Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams (Cube, GBA, PS2, Xbox)
    The Incredibles (Cube, GBA, PC, PS2, Xbox)
    Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War (PC)
    WWE Day of Reckoning (Cube)

    Brothers in Arms (PC, PS2, Xbox)
    Far Cry Instincts (PS2, Xbox)
    Myst IV Revelation (PC)
    Pacific Fighters (PC)
    Playboy: The Mansion (PC, PS2, Xbox)
    Prince of Persia 2 (Cube, PS2, PC, Xbox)
    Rocky Legends (PS2, Xbox)
    Settlers 5 (PC)
    Silent Hunter III (PC)
    The Dukes of Hazzard: Return of the General Lee (PS2, Xbox)
    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2 (PC, PS2, Xbox)
    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Black Arrow (Xbox)

    VU Games
    Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay (Xbox)
    Cold Winter (PS2, Xbox)
    Crash Twinsanity (PS2, Xbox)
    Evil Genius (PC)
    Fight Club (PS2, Xbox)
    Ground Control 2 (PC)
    Half-Life 2 (PC)
    Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude (PC, PS2, Xbox)
    Men of Valor (PC, Xbox)
    Red Ninja (PS2)
    Spyro 5 (PS2, Xbox)
    The Bard's Tale (PC, PS2, Xbox)
    Tribes: Vengeance (PC)
    Van Helsing (GBA, PS2, Xbox)

    Again, keep in mind that this list covers all the "official" titles that we have confirmed will be at E3 -- surprises and secrets are not included. You'll just have to wait until May to get the full scoop from us at the show floor.

    If you're with a publisher and would like to get your games on this list for the world to see, please email us.
    Ultima modifica di DANTE77; 25-04-2004 alle 23:29:26

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    SubsOnicA L'avatar di Sakuragi
    Registrato il

    Re: Ecco cosa ci prospetta il futuro sulle nostre console preferite!


    GTA San Andreas PlayStation2 Action
    :9 :9 :9 :9 :9

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    Bananocrate L'avatar di giobbe
    Registrato il
    Diciamo che a me basterebbero questi per farmi felice.

    fonte IGN

    Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth (PC, Xbox)

    Jade Empire (Xbox)

    Killer 7 (Cube)
    Resident Evil 4 (Cube)

    Thief: Deadly Shadows (PC, Xbox)

    Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (PS2)

    Fable (Xbox)
    Jade Empire (Xbox)
    Halo 2 (Xbox)

    Baten Kaitos (Cube)
    Tales of Symphonia (Cube)

    Metroid Prime 2 (Cube)
    Nintendo DS handheld system
    The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker 2 (Cube)

    VU Games
    Half-Life 2 (PC)
    Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude (PC, PS2, Xbox)
    Ma spero in SM128 e FFXII...

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    Io SO! Tu impara, quindi L'avatar di iamalfaandomega
    Registrato il
    Mapporc... e io che già speravo in un Deception (Tecmo) a 128 bit... però almeno non hanno spostato Gungriffon su Xbox.
    I am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last

    Né dei, né giganti

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    E FFXII?
    L'attesa per qualche news su questo titolo non mi fa pensare ad altri giochi........

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    Quadrifoglio Halo 3 Team L'avatar di Khaj
    Registrato il
    Io attendo questi :9 :9 :9 :9
    fonte IGN
    Call of Duty: Finest Hour (PS2, Xbox)
    Jade Empire (Xbox)
    Shellshock Nam'67(PS2,PC,Xbox)
    Painkiller (Xbox)
    Star Wars: Republic Commando (PC,Xbox)
    Fable (Xbox)
    Halo 2 (Xbox)
    Far Cry Instincts (PS2, Xbox)
    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2 (PC, PS2, Xbox)[/i]

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    Bannato L'avatar di Hyperwolf
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    In un dungeon
    ma voi non avete una vaga idea di quando dovremo sostituire i sistemi con i "fratelli maggiori?"
    é sempre la parte piu' triste....

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    Utente L'avatar di [u2maniac]
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    ma voi non avete una vaga idea di quando dovremo sostituire i sistemi con i "fratelli maggiori?"
    é sempre la parte piu' triste....
    la data media di uscita di XBOX2,PS3 e GC2 è metà 2006...

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    Questo E3 sarà spettacolare! Nintendo mostrerà tantissime chicche ke già mi fanno sbavare (Mario 128, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Zelda WW2, Paper Mario 2 ecc.) e inoltre ci saranno RE4 e VJ2 :9 :9 Gioia e gaudio!!!
    la data media di uscita di XBOX2,PS3 e GC2 è metà 2006...
    Meglio, voglio godermi x ancora un po' il mio Cubetto
    Ultima modifica di Daredevil; 28-04-2004 alle 11:49:41

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    Vedo dei grandi titoli da parte Nintendo

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    Unforgivable L'avatar di Thorin
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    Questo E3 sarà spettacolare! Nintendo mostrerà tantissime chicche ke già mi fanno sbavare (Mario 128, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Zelda WW2, Paper Mario 2 ecc.) e inoltre ci saranno RE4 e VJ2 :9 :9 Gioia e gaudio!!!
    cos'è paper mario?

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