All-new Jungle Mission - PlayStation2 and GameCube versions only!
Use Sam Fisher's entire range of stealth maneuvers to evade the enemy through a richly detailed Indonesian jungle setting.

Post-Mission Statistics and Scoring - PlayStation2 and GameCube versions only!
After each completed mission, get feedback on your performance: from the number of shots fired, to the number of enemies eliminated, even your time on each level. Take your score online and compare it against the best players in the world.

New Alternate Pathways in revisited missions - PlayStation2 and GameCube versions only!
Complete mission objectives through new pathways. Each new pathway offers its own gameplay challenges and rewards.

New Booby Trap Gameplay - PlayStation2 and GameCube versions only!
Disable explosive devices using a similar mechanic to the innovative lockpick gameplay.


Distract enemy guards with your PlayStation 2 headset
Lure terrorists to a knockout elbow strike by whistling into your PlayStation2 headset.

The first game to use moving dynamic lighting technology for the PlayStation2
The ARGUS mercenaries' torchlight in the multiplayer is the first time a moving dynamic lighting source is incorporated into a PlayStation2 game. It is an awesome technical achievement

In entrambe le versioni

-Sarebbe stata aggiunta una missione in pi¨ nella giungla indonesiana.
-Nuovo sistema di valutazione a fine missione(colpi sparati,nemici uccisi etc..)
-Vi sarebbero dei nuovi percorsi alternativi per portare a termine le missioni,assenti nella versione Xbox.
-Vi sarÓ un nuovissimo sistema di disattivazione delle trappole tramite lockpicking.

Only PS2

-Impiego dell'headset per distrarre le guardie.
-Poi se non ho capito male,userebbe un nuovo sistema di illuminazione dinamica.