Sul sito ( consigliato da mirko ) ho trovato anche dei file per modificare la schermata iniziale di windows; solo che nn ho capito come si fa .
in uno di questi file ho trovato un file read me che dice :

"Genesis" logon screen ©2003 Robert Bateman
Created 03/07/2003 by Narcissus

Original wallpaper used: "Genesis of Creation" by Matt.
Thanks for giving me permission to use the wallpaper.

This screen is freeware and is not to be altered, repacked or distributed by any means without my permission.

Due to some of the format of this file, programs which attempt to read it may not accurately display the position of the elements, of the screen, as they were intended. This doesn't mean that it won't display properly if it is used, simply that programs that convert it to their own format will not be able to reproduce the full format.

I recommend using LogonUIBootRandomizer 3.9.0 to handle your logon and boot screens.
This program makes it easy to organise and even randomise multiple screens.
Although it is capable of reading logonui.exe files from within zip files, I recommend extracting the *.exe file and Preview.jpg to a folder with the same name as the zip file within your base folder for logon files. If you prefer to place the zip files directly in your base folder, delete any font installer .exe files from the zip to prevent them from being read in place of the "logon".exe file.

The program can be downloaded from UserXP at or .
If those links are not available, you can try this one:

Custom designed screens are available for business or private use.
Screens with a company logo added to the normal Microsoft© logon screen are also available.
Contact for details: [email protected]

il fatto è che nn capisco come si fa a installare la nuova schermata; lui parla di un programma ( LogonUIBootRandomizer 3.9.0 ) è questo che mi seve o un altro?

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