Ragazzi postiamo qualche caw su questo gioco??
Io vi posto il mito:
Hulk Hogan by GU(CAW)

Edit parts/Body/Face-2
Face Model 23



Age -1

Head x:-48 y:3
Eyebrows x:24 Y:-11
Eyes Left-x:-53 Y:-52 Right x:-39 Y-31
Nose Left x:-13 Y:57 Right x:3 Y:16
Cheek x:-43
Mouth left x:0 Y:-27 Right X:100
Jaw Left x:-53 Y:24 Right x:-27

Hair 34 C:x:-79 Y: 9 S:X:5 L:x:72
Eyebrows 25 C:x-85 Y:-4 S:0
Eyes 34 C:x:11 Y:-13 s:5
Facial Hair 37 C:-69 Y:55 S:-62 T:100
Underwear 1-1 C:-68 Y:20 S:-3

Make-up(acc)-4 C:x:14 Y:100 S:0 T:-54
Design Simple 147-rotate once, smallest size, place over left eye,
The edge touching the outside of the eye, with the top(oval) just out of sight under eye.
C x:-85 Y:19 S-27 T100

**Copy last piece, edit and move slightl to the right**
***Repeat on other eye***

Make up 49 C x:-89 Y:-33 S:0 T:54
Knee pads 14/1 C x:100 Y:-19 S:0 T:100
Shoes 2/1/1 C x:-68 Y:25 S:4 T:23
Wristbands 1/13 C x:100 Y: 9 S:-100 T:100 L:100

Body Morphing X:1 Y:-57
Head x:-6 Y:-27 Y:28
Neck x:89 Y6 Y:-25
Chest x:24 Y:-25 Y:5
Shoulders x:-67 Y:36 Y:-18
Abdomen X:55 Y:-29 Y:-31
Arms x:21 Y:8 Y:-52
Forearms X:-20 Y:-5
Hands x:49 Y:43 Y:-57
Waist x:11 Y:-5
Thighs x:-0 Y:16
Legs x:-27 Y: 9 Y:33
Feet x:-17 Y:-7 Y:-69

Height 6 6
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