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Discussione: Arcanum

Cambio titolo
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    M'avete accaccato i maron L'avatar di Emenem1949
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    Sorrisone Arcanum

    Ma che per caso qualcuno ha i trucchi di questo bellissimo gioco??
    Firma oltre il limite d'altezza

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    FisicoFilosofo Mentecatto L'avatar di Nechron Elderoth
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    S ma solo come teletrasportarsi da un posto all'altro...niente soldi gratis o guarizioni miracolose o meglio punti esperienza senza aver fatto esperienza (non che li usi )
    Eccoli qui in inglese naturalmente

    Your main objective can be seen in the load/save screen. Other objectives are not relevant to the main one.

    Some of the locations I didn't discover yet, so it is up to you. Since this game covers huge playing area, and the maximum level is 50 (after 50, you don't receive any more points), I highly suggest to build WP up to fifteen and learn teletransportation spell to save more time, or you prefer to walk. Here are the map coordinates for the Arcanum Continent.


    Torin Quarry W1420, S1100
    Torgs Altar W1214, S1139
    Crash Site W1452, S1292
    Arbalahs House
    W1453, S1304
    Shrouded Hills
    W1409, S1306
    Simon Fahrkus- Shack
    W1452, S1326
    Black Root W1097, S1442
    Wolfs Cave W1230, S1532
    Liams Workshop
    W1181, S1466
    Ancient Maze W1368, S1585
    Tarant W937, S1027
    W1238, S1652
    Razor Points W1503, S1771
    Hardins Pass W1289, S712
    Stone Cutter Clan W1342, S887
    Wheel Clan W954, S667
    Still Water W1191, S754
    The Black Mountain Mines W1308, S755


    Ancient Temple
    W775, S917
    Vooriden W871, S1191
    Elven Ruins W712, S1022
    Forbidden Pit W833, S1032
    Kree W635, S1203
    W506, S987
    Ancient Shipwreck W500, S891
    The Lair of Bellerogrim W769, S839


    Shades Beach W374, S826
    The Women's Camp W268, S823
    The home of Maximilian
    W321, S837


    Falcon's Ache W1327, S562
    Quintarr W1546, S657
    Small Pond W1596, S881
    Small Camp W1262, S477
    T\'sen Ang W1507, S297
    Secret Village W1320, S181
    The Poachers Camp W1207, S275
    The Bedokaan Village W1179, S315


    Kerlin's Altair W883, S423
    The Bog
    W1077, S514
    Strange Pond W620, S526


    Broken Cathedral W1630, S1206
    The Old Lagoon
    W1694, S1320
    The Cold Place
    W1612, S1414
    Rosen borough
    W1749, S1514
    Bold's Altar W1626, S1635
    W1606, S1828

    Liams Workshop
    When you go to close the gate, don't. You can go from level 12 to 30 in a couple of hours of just killing the creatures that come out of the gate. There is a limit to how many come out though. This makes the rest of the game much easier if you are just in it for the story anyway

    Use harm spell
    I also found that harm is a beautiful spell at higher levels - you can just keep ripping on the enemy with it, and after 3 or 4 hits, even some tough opponents crumble (all for only 20 mana....) Combined with a high dex, you can barrage opponents and quickly turn the tide of any fight.

    Alter alignment:
    To increase your alignment towards good, repeatedly give money to the beggars in the streets.
    Ultima modifica di Nechron Elderoth; 25-07-2004 alle 10:23:14

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