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Discussione: questionario ironico da parte di ms

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    questionario ironico da parte di ms

    Rate Your Online IQ!
    Here's your chance to find out whether you're an unappreciated genius or a little light in the cranium.

    Question 1:
    How important is voice in online gaming?

    A. Absolutely critical!
    B. Cool for some games, but you don't need it for all of them.

    If you chose A, you're clearly an Xbox Live gamer. We believe that talking to your teammates and opponents is what sets us apart from the monkeys. Every Xbox Live enabled game supports voice—no exceptions. If you don't feel like listening to someone, you can mute them. Not in the mood to chat yourself? Don't. At least we give you the option.

    If you chose B, you probably have difficulty making decisions. Some days you want to talk trash and strategize online and other days you'd rather fester in your silent gloom. Some PS2 online games support voice, others don't. Besides, voice is really crappy on a dial-up connection (see Question 4).

    Question 2:
    Do you enjoy using coins to install hardware peripherals?

    A. Coins? What are you talking about?
    B. Yes. I enjoy spending quality time with the fine products of the U.S. Mint.

    If you chose A, you must have an Xbox. See, your Xbox already has a built-in Ethernet port all ready and waiting for you to plug in an Ethernet cable, hook up to high-speed Internet service, and get online!

    If you chose B, you must have a PlayStation 2. Because your console is barren of Ethernet ports, you must go to the store, purchase a network adapter, and then use a coin to screw the thing in. You'll need all the coins you can get what with buying all those peripherals and paying monthly subscriptions for games.

    Question 3:
    How many personalities do you have?

    A. One. Duh.
    B. Several. I'm kinda moody. Like a girl.

    If you chose A, you and Xbox Live are a match made in gamer heaven. When you sign up for the Xbox Live service, you pick a single Gamertag. It's your persistent online identity, so you can build your rep and your buddies can find you no matter what game you're playing.

    If you chose B, you'd probably get along real well in the land of PS2 Online. Because in that world you need a new name for each and every game you play. So what if you have to remember 16 different names and passwords? So what if your friends can't find you online? You're a free spirit, right? Or is it just schizophrenia?

    Question 4:
    What's your take on dial-up Internet service?

    A. Dial-up? Are you freakin' kidding me?
    B. Dial-up is just as good as high-speed. For real.

    If you chose A, you're obviously a happening, with-it kind of gamer who would no more try to play online over a dial-up connection than attempt to suck pizza through a straw.

    If you chose B—wait, wait, someone's still laughing… okay. We're better now. Um, dial-up is a fine way to play online. It's especially cool because that way you can have a special club of gamers to play with—since you won't be able to play with the high-speeders. You can call it the "Slow Club."

    Question 5:
    Do you like to play games with your friends?

    A. Hell yeah! Bring it on!
    B. Um, not really. I don't have many, anyway.

    If you chose A, you're in luck because with Xbox Live you've got a permanent posse of playmates. Your Friends list works for every game you play. You can see if your buddies are online and what they're playing. You can even do cross-game invitations. Even if you didn't have any friends at all you could meet tons of them that match your skills and interests with Xbox Live matchmaking.

    If you chose B, you probably have a lot of imaginary friends, right? The ones that don't get ticked off when they can't see if you're online? Maybe you have different friends for each different game. You'd have to, since your list is not persistent with PS2 Online.

    Question 6:
    How do you feel about connecting your console to the Internet?

    A. I want it quick and painless.
    B. I enjoy complicated projects. I went to M.I.T.

    If you chose A, you'll love the way the Xbox Live Dashboard does practically everything for you automatically, and the Web site tells you everything you need to know to connect fast and start playing. We've even got provider-specific information and a logo program for equipment that we've tested and verified works great with Xbox Live.

    If you chose B, you will surely enjoy the painstaking and arduous connection process possible with the PlayStation 2 online service. When you're not screwing in adapters, you're searching far and wide for info on how to connect. And ISP info? They've got phone numbers for a few of them. What more could you ask for?

    If you chose mostly A, congratulations! You are terrifically smart and talented. You know what's good and you know where to get it. Now get back to your Xbox!

    If you chose mostly B, congratulations! You will have some fun with your coin-screwing, multiple names, laggy games, and hidden friends.

    Thanks for playing!

    ora io comunque chiedo di farci una risata sù se poi i moderatori ritengono che un post del genere non possa esistere possono cancellare il tutto tranquillamente.
    Lo so sono malato ma che ci volete fare dopotutto ognuno ha la sua malattia.

    lista amici per hellgate

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    Bannato L'avatar di TheRedDragon
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    Be Attitude for Gains L'avatar di Spiritmonger
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    Vergate sul Membro
    Mitico!!! mi sto ancora piegando in due

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