mah vi riporto il testo pubblicato sul sito di World of Warcraft per chi fosse interessato. Sembra che la Blizzard voglia assumere game master
Tutto questo perche' spero di vedere anche qualche game master italiano oltre che francese/tedesco/inglese su World of Warcraft

Blizzard Europe is hiring!
Ryann, 28/12/2004
More secretive than SI:7. More powerful than the Silver Hand. Though you may have never seen them, you have probably already heard about them. They move unseen, hidden by a layer of secrecy shrouded in shadows which are veiled by anonymity. They are our first, last, and only line of defense against the forces of Chaos. And Blizzard Europe is looking for a few brave men and women to join their ranks!Who are "they"? They are the Game Masters.

The Game Masters are the ultimate Good Guys (and Gals). Your character's skills are gone? Your corpse has been swallowed by the Twisting Nether? No problem, the Game Masters can help you. They hold the power to right almost every wrong, striving to make sure thatorder is maintained and a fair, enjoyable playing atmosphere is guaranteed.

Do you have what it takes? Is there a way to find out for sure? If you would like to join our Game Masters and work with a young and creative team as part of Blizzard Europe, then head over to our jobs page , read the job description, and send in your CV and cover letter.

What are you waiting for?
Join Blizzard Europe now be a Game Master!
Se non conoscete la lingua inglese e non riuscite a leggere quanto scritto sopra... lasciate stare