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Discussione: E adesso cosa devo fare? (Golden sun)

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    BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!! L'avatar di stevox
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    E adesso cosa devo fare? (Golden sun)

    Ho appena finito il faro di mercurio, ma adesso cosa devo fare? Mi sa ke devo liberare Hammet a Lunpa ma nn riesco ad entrare nella fortezza.

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    Dark Mage L'avatar di Blizzard
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    Ciao ciao ... Tanto per cambiare ti ripropongo una traduzione dall'inglese

    Back To Kolima Forest

    Head out of the light house and go to Imil. Heal all of your characters at the
    Inn, and if you want to see a little optional story head to the monasteries to
    say your good byes to the two children there. Next, head back to Bilibin cave.
    Backtrack your way in the Bilibin cave and head back to Bilibin. Next, keep
    heading east through the barricade and into Kolima forest. You'll want to head
    back to Tret, and if you need help with that refer to the Kolima forest walk
    through earlier in this FAQ. Once you get to Tret talk to him then give him
    Hermes' Water that you got from Imil. Suddenly the forest will light up and
    Tret will realize what he's doing. He will now revive the people of Kolima to
    their original state. The other lady tree will also use her powers to deduce
    that the monsters that you fight now were once monsters and that they exist in
    more horrible forms elsewhere (who would have figured?) Once you're back in
    command, retreat out of the forest and head to Kolima. Here you can buy the
    latest upgraded weapons and armor, but there's not much else to do in the town.

    Now head all the way back west to Bilibin and give Lord McCoy a visit. The
    guards will actually call you "Sir" before arresting you. Don't worry, though,
    you'll just be taken to Lord McCoy. He'll tell you how he's gracious of you
    restoring Kolima to its original state and lets you pick from one of four of
    his treasure chests. Thanks to altrongundamcustom of the GameFAQ's message
    boards for this information: The chests contain, from left to right, Vail,
    Potion, Psy Crystal, Water of Life. I for one would take Water of Life because
    you'll find it to be a little more useful than a Psy Crystal later in the game.
    Now, exit the city and start heading east once again towards Kolima. This
    time you won't go to Kolima, but instead go well past it. Follow the dirt path
    around until you get to a bridge. A guard will now open it (he wouldn't open
    it if you had gone before). On the opposite side of the bridge you still want
    to continue along the dirt path.

    Fuschin Temple

    You'll see Fuschin Temple wedged between two mountains to the north of a dirt
    path. Once you get in, head up the stairs and go into the lone building in
    Fuschin Temple. Use Ivan's Mind Read Psynergy on the main monk there and he'll
    talk about you taking a test. In order to mind read him you have to either set
    Mind Read as a hot key (hold L or R when you have it highlighted in the
    psynergy menu) or press Select to bring up the in-game menu. Talk with him
    afterwards and he'll tell you to go talk to the monk down in the waterfalls.
    Before, doing that, check around the barrels behind the monk to find a Unicorn
    Ring that un dues poison (thanks to Thomas Kim [[email protected]] for this
    information.) Do as he says, go down the stairs and hop the stones to talk
    with the monk at the waterfalls. He'll step aside and you'll be able to pass
    through the waterfall into the Fuschin Temple Cave.

    In this cave there will be logs that you can move to cross water gaps. Right
    as you get in you'll notice a relatively easy treasure chest to get. However,
    this treasure chest is really a trap! Yes, if you try to open that chest
    you'll be attacked by a Mimic. Where you want to go is on the log to the left
    and then advance up to the next screen. Here you'll have to hop across
    different wooden stumps in water. You'll want to make your way to the western
    part of the screen, as you don't really need to go in the doors to the east and
    north. Once you've hopped the hop to the western door, enter it and proceed
    north through the hallway until you get to another door. In this room there's
    a "secret path" that you'll need to cross to get force. However, you won't be
    able to get across without guessing and checking until you find the Dragon Eye.

    So, instead of taking the secret path, head to the staircase on the left hand
    side of the room that's also near the bottom. Go down this staircase and
    you'll arrive in a room with two logs. Head across the vertical log to the
    south to find a treasure chest with an Arctic Blade which can be very useful.
    Now, head back across that log and roll down on the horizontal log that was
    near the door. Go through the door in here. In this room hug the left wall
    and go down until you reach a vertical log. Take this log across, go north and
    then east and down the door. You'll now find yourself in the starting room,
    but this time you'll be all the way to the west. Take the vertical log east
    and enter the door on the other side. Hug the wall here going down to avoid
    taking damage in the spiky rocks. Here you'll want to take the horizontal log
    down, then take the vertical log to the left. Head down on the ledge below and
    take the horizontal log back up. Hop over the stone from one log to the next
    and head east. Now take the horizontal log that you can now get to all the way
    north to get to a new door. In this room you'll see two horizontal logs in a
    row a little north of the door. Ride this log all the way up to the northern
    part of the screen, then take the vertical log there west. Hop on the
    horizontal log and bring that one up, then head all the way around clockwise
    hugging the wall and take the horizontal log up. Head across the stone and
    down the stairs to get the dragons eye. Now, hop north along all of the logs
    and then quickly into the next room to the north. Now you can use your
    dragon's eye item you just go on this dragon to light the room.

    Along this path you'll find a Djinn that's not very hard to fight and beat.
    It's a Mercury Djinn called Zephyr. Here's one of the descriptions I got from
    [email protected]: Hop over the stone from one log to the next and head east.
    To the north you'll find a Mercury djinn, and he wants a fight. He has some
    speed and power, but it's not a very difficult fight. Once you've beaten
    Zephyr, head due south and take the horizontal log all the way north to get to
    a new door. I'll revise this when I have a chance.

    Once you've put the dragon's eye in the dragon, start heading back from whence
    you came into the room with the three logs. Head all the way down and across
    the small log at the southern part of the screen to get near the entrance.
    Make your way back into the dark room. Now that the dragon eye has been put in
    place, a shadow of a bridge is revealed. Head 1 square above this bridge in
    order to find a path that leads you to a ledge in the northern-middle part of
    the room. Enter it, and continue into the next room. Here you want to jump
    across the water and get the treasure chest. Held within it is force!

    Use retreat to get to the entrance of the waterfall. From here just backtrack,
    go out of the waterfall and up to the temple. Here the monk will talk to you
    about the powers of Force you just got. It turns out that it will show all of
    the monsters in the upcoming forest, and they'll run away from you if they're
    seen. So, Force is basically just a monster repellent.

    Mogall Forest

    Per hammet non Ŕ ancora il momento,persevera e vedrai ke prima o poi il gioco lo finisci anke tu ....:9

    PS:ci risentiamo la prossima volta ke avrai bisogno (ne avrai ancora,fidati !!!!)

    Il sangue delle vittime Ŕ la tua gloria,Drago.

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    BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!! L'avatar di stevox
    Registrato il
    Grazie Blizzard, mi hai salvato ancora. Per˛ nn Ŕ ke puoi dirmi da ke sito hai preso la soluzione? Cosý Ŕ pi¨ comodo x tutti e due.

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    Dark Mage L'avatar di Blizzard
    Registrato il
    Il problema Ŕ che la soluzione l'ho trovata smanettando qua e lÓ per internet ed il sito sinceramente non so quale sia !!!
    Cmq quando ti serve una mano io ci sono sempre!!!

    Il sangue delle vittime Ŕ la tua gloria,Drago.

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    BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!! L'avatar di stevox
    Registrato il
    OK grazie lo stesso.

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    Utente L'avatar di Skyflash
    Registrato il
    In caso di bisogno, su www.gamefaqs.com trovi davvero di tutto.

    E' l'autentica BIBBIA del videogiocatore. Ci sono soluzioni e trucchi per OGNI sistema essitente, coin-op compresi
    Lo Skyblog e' su www.skyflash.it
    Wiitiful Sky su XBox Live
    WiitifulSky sul PSN
    Il mio codice Wii: 2634 4285 3158 4638

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    Minchia sci˛ L'avatar di Motemai
    Registrato il
    aiuto! sono bloccato nello stesso punto!
    ma purtroppo non ci capisco nulla di inglese!

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    Utente L'avatar di AlrikSvaal
    Registrato il
    scorzŔ venezia
    Bo raga io sono bloccato ...passo la palizzata arrivo a kolima, dopo il dialogo ,dove devo andare?Dove stÓ sto Albero con cui devo combattere ?
    Vi prego non so l inglese spiegatemelo ;(
    Altra cosa voi avete capito come sistemare gli animaletti?

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    Bannato L'avatar di WILLLY
    Registrato il

    Golden Sun

    Ciao Stevox,come faccio a superare il faro di Mercurio

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    Bannato L'avatar di WILLLY
    Registrato il

    Golden Sun

    AlrikSvaal,dove ti sei bloccato precisamente?
    Ultima modifica di WILLLY; 2-03-2003 alle 09:22:30

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