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Discussione: Email dalla McAfee

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    Animale Sociale L'avatar di Inox
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    Email dalla McAfee

    Mi arrivata da poco quest'email dalla mcafee :

    CURRENT THREAT W32/[email protected]
    Medium Risk

    Current VirusScan users with DAT 4424 are protected from this threat.

    What Is It?

    The 11th variant of the Sober virus, W32/[email protected] is a Medium Risk mass-mailing worm hiding inside an email attachment. When run, the worm displays a fake error message in Notepad, infects the host computer and sends itself to stolen email addresses. Outgoing messages may be in German or English, depending on the recipient's domain.

    What should I look for?
    # FROM: Varies (forged addresses taken from infected system)
    # SUBJECT: English: I've got YOUR email on my account!! German: Ey du DOOF Nase, warum beantw...
    # BODY: English: First, Sorry for my very bad English! German: Warum beantwortest Du meine E-Mails nicht?

    How do I know if I've been infected?

    Fake error message displayed. Outgoing messages as noted above. Increased network traffic on TCP port 37. Alerts from a desktop firewall (if installed) that a new application is trying to access the Internet.

    How do I find out more?

    Visit the McAfee home page.

    spero possa servirvi,attenti !

    will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.+

    Playing : AoE III - League of Legends - FarCry 3 - The Forest - Starmade

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    ★ ★ ★ L'avatar di razorback17
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    Un immagine vale pi di mille paroleo di cento
    Chiedo scusa ma Petrarca col cavolo di dissidio interiore mi ha contagiato

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