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Discussione: Painkiller battle out of hell Mostro finale

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    Painkiller battle out of hell Mostro finale

    ciao sono arrivato al decimo capitolo dov' c' il boss..ma come lo killo?Vedo delle strane forme circolari in vari punti ma non capisco cosa devo fare...aiutatemi

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    Prisencolinensinainciusol L'avatar di tumo88
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    Follow the trail of ammo and guns until you come to a cliff, then save your
    game and drop down to start the boss battle.

    You may notice that your weapons have no effect on Alastor, but there is some
    armour and super health around if you need it. There are also a few orange
    rings in this area and they are very important to the battle.

    Basically you need to stand on one of these rings if you see little lights
    rising out of them. Once you stand on one of these rings you NEED to get hit
    by one of Alastor's attacks. At this point a stone golem appears nearby and
    starts walking towards Alastor. The golem can't take much damage though so try
    your best to keep Alastor's attention on you. Once the Golem manages to land a
    punch on Alastor he falls to one knee. At this point you should use your cards
    and unleash your guns on him.

    After the battle you can sit back and watch the ending, then you can try your
    luck at Nightmare difficulty to play the Pentagon stage.

    Fonte: gamefaqs
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    grazie ma ero riuscito poco dopo a capire

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