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Discussione: punti stile ratchet e clank2!!!!

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    Bang Bang L'avatar di Play90
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    Esclamazione punti stile ratchet e clank2!!!!

    qualcuno mi puo fare le lenco di tutti i punti stile e come si prendono nel gioco ratchet e clank2?????????
    Ultima modifica di Play90; 8-05-2005 alle 08:30:00
    ID PSN: DarkHero90 se serve una mano a demon's soul....

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    Utente L'avatar di maxpayne88
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    vicino ancona
    Ŕ in inglese ma meglio di niente.......
    1. Prehistoric Rampage
    Planet Oozla
    -Shoot 4 pterodactyls.

    2. Smash and Grab
    Planet Oozla
    -Break all breakables in Megacorp outlet.

    3. Wrench Ninja: Blade to Blade
    Maktar Nebula
    -Beat Chainblade in the Arena using only your wrench.

    4. Vandalize
    Maktar Nebula
    -Break as much stuff in the level as possible.

    5.2B Hit Or Not 2B
    Maktar Nebula
    -Defeat the B2 Brawler without taking any damage in the arena.

    6. Clank Needs A New Pair Of Shoes
    Maktar Nebula
    -Find a slot machine until you win 300 bolts and get bar-bar-bar.

    7. Destroy All Breakables
    Planet Endako
    -Break stuff on the planet until you get it.

    8. Operate Heavy Machinery
    Planet Endako
    -Use the cranes to destroy 10 robots.

    9. Speed Demon
    Planet Barlow
    -Get a time of 2:10 in the hover bike race.

    10. Planet Buster
    Planet Notak
    -Blow up the giant floating planet in the shopping district.

    11. You Can Break A Snow Dan
    Planet Siberius
    -Around the first garage there will be a snowman.

    12. Heal Your Chi
    Planet Tabora
    -Collect 100 crystals in the desert.

    13. Robo Rampage
    Planet Dobbo
    -Destroy every building in the city in the Giant Clank battle.

    14. Dukes Up
    Planet Dobbo
    -Use only Giant Clanks punch attacks to beat the boss.

    15. Old School
    Planet Dobbo
    -Kill all enemies on Dobbo using only the following weapons: Omniwrench
    8000, Decoy Glove, Tesla Claw, Visibomb Gun, Bomb Glove and The

    16. That's Impossible
    Planet Joba
    -Beat the "Impossible Challenge" in the Megacorp games.

    17. How Fast Was That?
    Planet Joba
    - Get a time of 2:20 in the hover bike race.

    18. Wrench Ninja II: Massacre
    Planet Joba
    - Kill all enemies in level with only the wrench and without dying. (Do
    not activate any cheats)

    19. Bye Bye Birdies
    Planet Joba
    - Kill 12 of the birds on the planet.

    20. Nothing To See Here
    Planet Todano
    - Destroy the 4 large rockets in the beginning area.

    21. You're My Hero
    Planet Todano
    - Protect all 10 tourists from squirrels.

    22. Try To Sleep
    Planet Todano
    - Turn 16 squirrels into sheep.

    23. No Shocking Developments
    Planet Boldan
    - Grind the power cable and lumber yard without getting hurt.

    24. Moving Violation
    Planet Snivelak
    - Shoot down 14 ships from the sky.

    25. Midtown Insanity
    Planet Damosel
    - Grind the train rails without taking any damage. (Use the tesla
    barrier and synthenoids)

    26. Safety Deposit
    Planet Damosel
    - Protect the 4 robots in the bank from the robots.

    27. Be A Moon Child
    Planet Greblin
    - Mine all 101 crystals in the ice field.

    28. Nano To The Max
    - Level up to Maximum nanotech amount.

    29. Nice Ride
    - Buy all weapons, shields, and upgrades for your ship.

    30. Weapon Envy
    - All weapons, all fully upgraded.

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