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Discussione: Maple Story

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    Jordan L'avatar di Lorenzo
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    O`Donnell, Texas, U.S.A.

    Maple Story

    Official Service News 2005.05.10
    The Official MapleGlobal service will finally debut with a special "Preview Session" on May 11th at 1AM GMT (9PM Eastern Standard Time). During this period, only our current beta users of MapleGlobal West will be able to sign-up and participate in various events. MapleGlobal.com will now serve as the homepage of the new service. The beta service will not close but will be moved to beta.mapleglobal.com.

    Things to note about the New Official Service:
    1. You must create a NEW account. Old accounts will only be accessible on beta.mapleglobal.com.
    2. The "preview session" sign-ups will be opened only to users that have beta test accounts AND have not been blocked for misconduct such as hacking or botting.
    3. To thank our beta testers for their patience and support, we will be raising experience and drop rates during the preview session to help you get back on track. Also, during the preview session, users will be given a limited edition beta tester item at Lith Harbor by our NPC, Nemi.
    4. Strict abuse policy - All hackers will be given permanent suspensions. All botters during the "preview session" will also get permanent bans.
    5. For account security, all accounts must be verified with an emailed verification code post sign-up and after any account edits. Users cannot enter the game world without verifying their accounts.
    6. Ossyria will be open!!!
    7. The Cash Shop is not ready but we are preparing for launch later this summer.

    It is important to note that the beta client and official client are two separate files. For those beta testers who still want to play in the beta server, don't worry as it will not be deleted. The beta will remain our test client. However, the beta will not have Ossyria for some time. In the future, the beta will get most updates and patches prior to the official service. Unfortunately, we cannot transfer the current accounts to the official service for multiple reasons and we hope our users will understand. (NOTE: The official client will write over your beta client. To re-install the beta, you must download the zip file on the beta site and install into a different folder than the official client).

    For those users who are waiting to enter MapleStory for the first time, thank you so much for your continued patience, interest and support. We are very excited to bring you MapleStory and hope to have you join us very soon during open registrations of MapleGlobal in the month of May. stay tuned for an official launch date!

    Insomma, il global sta diventando come quello giapponese, koreano, cinese e del taiwan (taiwanese? asd)

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    Utente L'avatar di The_Archangel
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    Su un BlackHawk

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