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Discussione: trucchi fifa 2004

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    La Torre Nera L'avatar di sergio leonhart
    Registrato il

    trucchi fifa 2004

    esistono trucchi per fifa 2004 e se si quali sono?

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    Utente L'avatar di Skull88
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    Fortezza della Solitudine
    non esistono

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    Utente L'avatar di Snowolf
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    Trieste (Italia)
    Confermo quanto detto da Skull, e aggiungo i suggerimenti trovati nel mio archivio:
    Fifa 2004

    Submitted by: Yasir

    During the game if you want more headrs or volleys, then you have to pass
    ball from right middle position. But pass the ball cross the goal line.

    Buying Players:
    In transfer window some players are good but they haven't much price.e.g
    Louis Saha, Roque junior, C.Ronaldo etc.
    The more expensive midfielder is zidane and beckam and if you want good
    atack then you must have Ronaldo and Rivaldo. Absolutely a world class!

    Easy win:
    Submitted by: Varun Pandey

    Choose a side to play on. Then, during gameplay, press Start and choose
    "Select Sides". Move your controller under the opponent's side and resume
    gameplay. Then, score as many goals as desired (while under the opponent's
    side), then just switch back to your side again. This way you will have a
    big point lead, depending on how many goals you scored. This trick also
    works better when you switch back to your side near the end of the second half.

    Getting good players:
    Go to the options menu then to "Player Swaps". Swap all the good players
    desired onto the team you want to play as, then save that as a squad.
    Call it whatever desired. Then go to "New Season" and select "Current
    Squads" and play your team. This is useful for a third division team.
    This team now has all the good players.

    Buying players:
    If you want to buy a player, bid for them about 1 or 2 million above the
    asking price. This ensures you of signing that player. Players that are
    worth buying include:

    Thierry Henry
    David Beckham
    (either) Tim Howard
    Roberto Carlos
    Alexandre Del Piero
    David Bellion
    Ruud Van Nistelrooy
    Hernan Crespo

    In the first year, it is almost impossible (unless you bid over 5 million
    above the asking price) to buy Thiery Henry, David Becham, Ronaldo, and
    Del Piero.

    Recommended team:
    Create a team with the following players. Goalkeepers Tim Howard Iker Casillas
    Defenders Rio Ferdinand
    Paulo Maldini
    Alexandre Nesta
    Roberto Carlos
    Lilian Thuram
    Sol Campbell
    David Beckham
    Zinedine Zidane
    Cristiano Ronaldo
    Luis Figo
    Edgar Davids
    David Bellion
    Thierry Henry
    Ruud Van Nistelrooy
    Del Piero
    Shevshenko Adrian
    Hernan Crespo

    Create a team with the following players.
    Note: The players are expensive so you might have to sell some of your
    best players first. The subs are up to you.

    RB:Michel Salgado (Real Madrid)
    LCB: Fabio Cannavaro (Inter Milan)
    RCB: Alessandro Nesta (AC Milan)
    LB: Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid)

    LM: Zinedine Zidane (Real Madrid)
    RM: David Beckham (Real Madrid)
    CAM: Ronaldiniho (Barcelona)

    LF: Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
    RF: Theirry Henry (Arsenal)

    Submitted by: maxis2004

    When you get the ball,try running with one player towards the box.
    Before you get into the box(when ur right on the line)press the shoot
    button [D],and hold it until that thing that indicates the power of
    your shoot gets a little bit green at the end(at about 90%).
    It will be a goal.And if it wont get in,than ur an idiot.

    Submitted by:Raiiq

    If you want you can make the ball swing while taking free kicks.
    Hold the shift button and move the arrow keys in any way you want
    and you will see the ball beside the free kick taker spin. The more
    that ball spins the more the real ball spins.

    Submitted by:hany

    while playing just press f3+i+ctrl and u will have a new player[woman] without
    clothes enjoy with Grafices

    Game Tip:
    Submitted by: sangeethkrishna k

    When u play with any team try to get corner cicks,select "far post"
    now the man of ur team will be selected press 'D'. don't move.
    When the GK blocks it the ball will come ur way.Shoot the ball as quickly
    as possible.....KEEP SCORING!GOOD LUCK

    Submitted by: chirag

    while playing fifa you can chanage the team news so it will help u in
    the transfer window .then u can sell the player who is in the team news.
    to do this save your carrier.then escape to the main menu.then load your
    carrier again .you will see that the team news is chanage.you can do this
    as many times as you want.

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