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Discussione: Trucchi Baldur's Gate 2 Tales of the arm

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    da qualche parte

    Trucchi Baldur's Gate 2 Tales of the arm

    mi date i trucchi di questo gioco?

    il titolo del gioco me lo ha dato un mio amico niubbo quindi non so se Ŕ scritto giusto

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    Utente L'avatar di Snowolf
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    Trieste (Italia)
    La ricerca nel mio archivio ha prodotto 4 esiti diversi, e siccome nessuno di questi corrispondeva al nome (che peraltro avvertivi poteva essere differente], ho preferito pubblicarteli tutti e 4.

    N.B.! Sono postati ognuno in un post differente a causa del limitatore caratteri
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    Utente L'avatar di Snowolf
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    Trieste (Italia)
    Baldur's Gate
    Baldur's Gate

    Edit baldur.ini, and add the line
    "Cheats=1" under [Game Options].
    Then save the file, and run the game. Once in the game,
    hit Ctrl-Tab to bring up the console in which you type
    the cheats (Ctrl-Tab also closes this console).
    The list of cheats (all followed by Enter) are (type in
    exactly as shown below):

    - creates a hostile Drizzt

    - creates a friendly Drizzt

    - gives you 500 gold

    - creates a CowKill spell (very cool)

    - spawns all the game critical items

    - creates 5 healing potions,
    5 neutralize poison potions,
    1 stone to flesh scroll

    - if you get stuck somehow moves your
    characters to a free adjacent area

    - marks entire area explored
    (like Clairvoyance spell)

    - summons 10 killer chickens who defend
    you at all cost

    CHEAT 2

    EDIT FILE: "baldur.gam" in the save game folder.

    (although you can go above 18, it's really not worth it,
    all listed are suggested limits, some race/class can be 19)

    STR - 044C,044D change to 12,63
    DEX - 044E change to 12
    CON - 044F change to 12
    INT - 0450 change to 12
    WIS - 0451 change to 12
    CHA - 0452 change to 12
    (For a 19 stat, change the 12 to 13 *duh*)

    (does have a limit, but 65K is good for now)
    0018,0019 change to FF,FF for 65K gold

    (Must be reset after each level gained since the program
    rechecks your stats)
    Change all in - 0268 to 026C - to 13
    (it doesn't like a natural 20 but you can put in 14 if you like)

    Here is an explanation as to how to derive the exact number you want.

    1) Convert your desired experience to HEX don't forget that your
    desired number will be divided by the number of classes you have!
    2) we'll use the 89K max limit for this example. 89000 converts
    to HEX 015BA8. You then reverse the digits for putting into the
    file. 015BA8 now becomes A85B01.
    3) change offsets 022C to A8, 022D to 5B, 022E to 01

    Secrets list
    * Ring of Protection *
    1 map directly south of friendly arm

    * Ring of Fire Resistance & Iol Gem & Star Sapphire *
    Area directly East of the Nashkel Mines Overland Map
    X=1955 y=2372

    * Ring of Wizardy *
    map of friendly arm

    * Ankheg Plate Armor *
    x=187, y=2747 AR4800 (Nashkel)
    It's on the farmer's land, far east, under a tree near the edge.

    * Wand of frost *
    On the Nashkel mines map
    Co-ords X= 169, Y=177
    NW corner in a dead tree

    * Scrolls of Cloudkill & Chromatic Orb *
    Area directly West of Nashkel Mines Overland Map
    X=1793 Y=414

    The Ankhegs infest the area north of the Friendly Arms Inn. There is a huge
    ankheg hole in the ground to the mid left of the screen.
    Inside, there is a visible ankheg horde, 4 caves to the right: Brun's dead
    son, Chainmail+1, Potion of Magic Protection, Wand of Fire, Dagger +1, 5
    Darts of Stunning, 5 Darts of Wounding, Ghost Armor Spell, Dire Charm
    Spell, Potion of Cloud Giant Strength, Antidote.

    Bracers AC 7 at the Baldurs Gate bridge, follow the river north to the
    house and speak to the BitchQueens priestess. Flail +1 from the farmers for
    killing the BitchQueen's priestess. They are outside the large house to the
    far far left of the map just north of the Friendly Arms Inn.

    Hidden scrolls: West of Nashkul mines; x1793, y414

    * Tomes *
    Constitution - In cave of Sirines on Lighthouse map
    Strength/Wisdom - In Caverns under Castlekeep
    Wisdom - From Temple in BG
    Dex - In thieves guild in BG
    Int - At top of Razamith's tower in BG
    charisma - caves near the Gnoll fortress

    Easy Level Gain and Money
    When starting the game in the Town of Candlekeep do
    all the "Quests" (errands for guards, and other
    characters). That means anything that gives
    experience. Once you have done this go to the
    Character Screen and export your character.

    End the game and start a new game and import character.
    This allows you to start the game with the amount of
    experience that you had gained. Repeat until satisfied.

    Easy Money
    Put potions in all of your quick item slots. Switch to
    the inventory screen and replace the rightmost potion
    with a gem. Now return to the adventure screen. Notice
    the picture of the potion you replaced with a gem still
    looks like a potion. Click it multiple times and return
    to the iventory screen. The number of gems should change
    from 1 to no number at all. Switch back to adventure
    screen and repeat the process...
    now you should have 65,000 gems.

    Object Duplication
    Export the character that has the object(s) you wish
    to duplicate, export said character to a vacant slot.
    Then, when in a game, import that character to get
    the items in his/her inventory. The same character
    can be imported multiple times to the same party.

    Tip 1
    When you remove characters from your party, they tend
    to stay where you left them. If you want to change your
    party and add that extra cleric temporarily, you can
    always dump him later and return for the fighter you
    left behind.

    Tip 2
    Some of the boss characters are a real pain to handle
    once combat begins. They start casting spells and hold,
    charm, or terrorize your party members so you are much
    less effective. If you run into particularly nasty
    characters who don't attack until having a conversation
    with you, try attacking them before they start talking.
    If you weaken them before combat, they are much easier
    to handle.

    After editing the Baldur.ini file in the Bgate directory,
    (as was done for the other cheats),
    you can use the following codes:

    where xxx is the code for an item, see below

    where yyy is the name of a creature or NPC
    ie: CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Ray") will create a gibberling
    CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Khalid") will create Khalid
    CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Noober") will create the best NPC in the game

    The name you enter is limited to 6 characters, so some
    names are different, as in Jaheira would have to be entered
    as blah"Jaheir")

    Set the current Experience points for all party members to 8900

    Item List

    AMUL01 - Necklace of Missiles
    AMUL02 - Necklace
    AMUL04 - Studded Necklace with Zios Gems
    AMUL05 - Bluestone Necklace
    AMUL06 - Agni Mani Necklace
    AMUL07 - Rainbow Obsidian Necklace
    AMUL08 - Tiger Cowrie Shell Necklace
    AMUL09 - Silver Necklace
    AMUL10 - Gold Necklace
    AMUL11 - Pearl Necklace
    AMUL12 - Laeral's Tear Necklace (3000 gp)
    AMUL13 - Bloodstone Amulet
    AMUL14 - Amulet of Protection +1
    AMUL15 - Shield Amulet
    AMUL16 - Amulet of Metaspell Influence (+1 2nd level spell)

    AROW01 - Arrow
    AROW02 - Arrow +1
    AROW03 - Arrow of Slaying
    AROW04 - Acid Arrow
    AROW05 - Arrow of Biting
    AROW06 - Arrow of Detonation
    AROW07 - Arrow or Dispelling
    AROW08 - Arrow of Fire
    AROW09 - Arrow of Ice
    AROW10 - Arrow of Piercing
    AROW11 - Arrow +2
    AROW1A - Arrow +2 (different graphic)

    AX1H01 - Battle Axe
    AX1H02 - Battle Axe +1
    AX1H03 - Battle Axe +2
    AX1H04 - Throwing Axe
    AX1H05 - Throwing Axe +2

    BELT01 - Girdle
    BELT02 - Golden Girdle
    BELT03 - Girdle of Bluntness
    BELT04 - Girdle of Piercing
    BELT05 - Girdle of Sex Change

    BLUN01 - Club
    BLUN02 - Flail
    BLUN03 - Flail +1
    BLUN04 - Mace
    BLUN05 - Mace +1
    BLUN06 - Morning Star
    BLUN07 - Morning Star +1

    BOLT01 - Bolt
    BOLT02 - Bolt +1
    BOLT03 - Bolt of Lightning
    BOLT04 - Bolt of Biting
    BOLT05 - Bolt of Polymorphing
    BOLT06 - Bolt +2

    BOOK01 - Magical Book
    BOOK02 - Spell Book
    BOOK03 - +1 con
    BOOK04 - +1 str
    BOOK05 - +1 dex
    BOOK06 - +1 int
    BOOK07 - +1 chr
    BOOK08 - +1 wis
    BOOK09 - Normal Book

    BOOT01 - Boots of Speed
    BOOT02 - Boots of Stealth
    BOOT03 - Boots of the North
    BOOT04 - Boots of Avoidance
    BOOT05 - Boots of Grounding

    BOW01 - Composite Long Bow
    BOW02 - Composite Long Bow +1
    BOW03 - Long Bow
    BOW04 - Long Bow +1
    BOW05 - Short Bow
    BOW06 - Short Bow +1
    BOW07 - Long Bow of Marksmanship
    BOW08 - Eagle Bow

    BRAC01 - Bracers of Defense AC 8
    BRAC02 - Bracers of Defense AC 7
    BRAC03 - Bracers of Defense AC 6
    BRAC04 - Bracers of Archery
    BRAC05 - Bracers
    BRAC06 - Gauntlets of Ogre Power
    BRAC07 - Gauntlets of Dexterity
    BRAC08 - Gauntlets of Fumbling
    BRAC09 - Gauntlets of Weapon Skill
    BRAC10 - Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise

    BULL01 - Bullet
    BULL02 - Bullet +1
    BULL03 - Bullet +2

    CHAN01 - Chainmail
    CHAN02 - Chainmail +1
    CHAN03 - Chainmail +2
    CHAN04 - Splint Mail
    CHAN05 - Splint Mail +1
    CHAN06 - Mithril Chain Mail +4

    CLCK01 - Cloak of Protection +1
    CLCK02 - Cloak of Protection +2
    CLCK03 - Cloak of Displacement
    CLCK04 - Cloak of the Wolf
    CLCK05 - Cloak of Balduran
    CLCK06 - Cloak of Non-Detection
    CLCK07 - Nymph Cloak

    DAGG01 - Dagger
    DAGG02 - Dagger +1
    DAGG03 - Dagger +2
    DAGG04 - Dagger +2, Longtooth
    DAGG05 - Throwing Dagger

    DART01 - Dart
    DART02 - Dart +1
    DART03 - Dart of Stunning
    DART04 - Dart of Wounding

    HALB01 - Halberd
    HALB02 - Halberd +1
    HALB03 - Halberd +2

    HAMM01 - War Hammer
    HAMM02 - War Hammer +1
    HAMM03 - War hammer +2

    HELM01 - Helmet
    HELM02 - Helm of Opposite Alignment
    HELM03 - Helm of Glory
    HELM04 - Helm of Defense
    HELM05 - Helm of Infravision
    HELM06 - Helm of Charm Protection
    HELM07 - Helm of Balduran

    LEAT01 - Leather Armor
    LEAT02 - Leather Armor +1
    LEAT03 - Leather Armor +2
    LEAT04 - Studded Leather Armor
    LEAT05 - Studded Leather Armor +1
    LEAT06 - Studded Leather Armor +2, missile attraction
    LEAT07 - Studded Leather Armor +2
    LEAT08 - Shadow Armor

    MISC01 - Winter Wolf Pelt
    MISC07 - Gold Piece
    MISC12 - Ankheg Shell
    MISC13 - Samuel (body)
    MISC16 - Fire Agate Gem
    MISC17 - Lynx Eye Gem
    MISC18 - Sunstone Gem
    MISC19 - Turquoise Gem
    MISC20 - Bloodstone Gem
    MISC21 - Skydrop Gem
    MISC22 - Andar Gem
    MISC23 - Jasper Gem
    MISC24 - Tchazar Gem
    MISC25 - Zircon Gem
    MISC26 - Iol Gem
    MISC27 - Moonstone Gem
    MISC28 - Waterstar Gem
    MISC29 - Ziose Gem
    MISC30 - Chrysoberyl Gem
    MISC31 - Star Diopside Gem
    MISC32 - Shandon Gem
    MISC33 - Aquamarine Gem
    MISC34 - Garnet Gem
    MISC35 - Horn Coral Gem
    MISC36 - Pearl
    MISC37 - Sphene Gem
    MISC38 - Black Opal
    MISC39 - Water Opal
    MISC40 - Moonbar Gem
    MISC41 - Star Saphire(sic)
    MISC42 - Diamond
    MISC43 - Emerald
    MISC44 - Kings Tears
    MISC45 - Rogue Stone
    MISC47 - Golden Pantaloons
    MISC48 - Idol
    MISC49 - Melicamp the Chicken
    MISC50 - Skull
    MISC51 - Lock of Nymph's Hair
    MISC52 - Wyvern Head
    MISC53 - Bowl of Water Elemental Control
    MISC54 - Child's Body
    MISC55 - Duke Eltan's Body
    MISC56 - Broken Weapon
    MISC57 - Broken Shield
    MISC58 - Broken Armor
    MISC59 - Broken Miscellaneous
    MISC60 - Spider Body
    MISC61 - Bottle of Wine
    MISC62 - Dead Cat
    MISC63 - Chew Toy
    MISC64 - Telescope
    MISC69 - Helshara's Artifact Fragment
    MISC70 - Delorna's Statue
    MISC72 - The Claw of Kazgaroth
    MISC73 - The Horn of Kazgaroth
    MISC74 - The Candle
    MISC79 - Female Body
    MISC80 - Male Body
    MISC83 - Key to River Plug
    MISC85 - Mulahey's Holy Symbol
    MISC86 - Bandit Scalp
    MISC87 - Contaminated Iron
    MISC88 - Rabbit's Foot

    PLAT01 - Plate Mail Armor
    PLAT02 - Plate Mail +1
    PLAT04 - Full Plate Mail
    PLAT05 - Full Plate Mail +1
    PLAT06 - Ankheg Plate Mail

    POTN02 - Potion of Fire Resistance
    POTN03 - Potion of Hill Giant Strength
    POTN04 - Potion of Frost Giant Strength
    POTN05 - Potion of Fire Giant Strength
    POTN06 - Potion of Cloud Giant Strength
    POTN07 - Potion of Storm Giant Strength
    POTN08 - Potion of Healing
    POTN09 - Potion of Heroism
    POTN10 - Potion of Invisibility
    POTN11 - Potion of Invulnerability
    POTN12 - Potion of Stone Giant Strength
    POTN13 - Oil of Firey Burning
    POTN14 - Oil of Speed
    POTN15 - Red Potion
    POTN16 - Violet Potion
    POTN17 - Elixir of Health
    POTN18 - Potion of Absorption
    POTN19 - Potion of Agility
    POTN20 - Antidote
    POTN21 - Potion of Clarity
    POTN22 - Potion of Cold Resistance
    POTN23 - Oil of Speed
    POTN24 - Potion of Defense
    POTN25 - Potion of Healing
    POTN26 - Potion of Explosions
    POTN27 - Potion of Firebreath
    POTN28 - Potion of Fortitude
    POTN29 - Potion of Genius
    POTN30 - Potion of Infravision
    POTN31 - Potion of Insulation
    POTN32 - Antidote
    POTN33 - Potion of Magic Blocking
    POTN34 - Potion of Magic Protection
    POTN35 - Potion of Magic Shielding
    POTN36 - Potion of Master Thievery
    POTN37 - Potion of Mind Focusing
    POTN38 - Potion of Mirrored Eyes
    POTN39 - Potion of Perception
    POTN40 - Potion of Invulnerability
    POTN41 - Potion of Power
    POTN42 - Potion of Regeneration
    POTN43 - Potion of Insight
    POTN44 - Potion of Strength
    POTN45 - Potion of Freedom
    POTN46 - Potion of Stone Form

    RING01 - Ring
    RING02 - Ring of Fire Resistance
    RING03 - Ring of Animal Friendship
    RING04 - Ring of Clumsiness
    RING05 - Ring of Invisibility
    RING06 - Ring of Protection +1
    RING07 - Ring of Protection +2
    RING08 - Ring of Wizardry
    RING09 - Ring of Free Action
    RING10 - Gold Ring
    RING11 - Silver Ring
    RING12 - Onyx Ring
    RING13 - Jade Ring
    RING14 - Greenstone Ring
    RING15 - Bloodstone Ring
    RING16 - Angel Skin Ring
    RING17 - Flamedance Ring
    RING18 - Fire Opal Ring
    RING19 - Ruby Ring
    RING20 - Ring of Energy
    RING21 - Ring of Infravision
    RING22 - Ring of Holiness
    RING23 - Ring of Folly

    SCRL02 - Spell Scroll
    SCRL03 - Protection from Acid
    SCRL04 - Protection from Cold
    SCRL05 - Protection from Electricity
    SCRL06 - Protection from Fire
    SCRL07 - Protection from Magic
    SCRL08 - Protection from Poison
    SCRL09 - Protection from Undead
    SCRL10 - Cursed Scroll of Weakness
    SCRL15 - Protection from Petrification
    SCRL18 - Cursed Scroll of Stupidity
    SCRL1B - Agannazar's Scorcher
    SCRL1C - Ghoul Touch
    SCRL1D - Clairvoyance
    SCRL1E - Dispel Magic
    SCRL1F - Flame Arrow
    SCRL1G - Fireball
    SCRL1H - Haste
    SCRL1I - Hold Person
    SCRL1K - Lightning Bolt
    SCRL1L - Monster Summoning I
    SCRL1M - Non-Detection
    SCRL1N - Protection from Normal Missiles
    SCRL1O - Slow
    SCRL1P - Skull Trap
    SCRL1Q - Vampiric Touch
    SCRL1R - Wraith Form
    SCRL1S - Dire Charm
    SCRL1T - Ghost Armor
    SCRL1U - Confusion
    SCRL1V - Dimension Door
    SCRL1Y - Improved Invisibility
    SCRL1Z - Minor Globe of Invulnerability
    SCRL2A - Monster Summoning II
    SCRL2D - Animate Dead
    SCRL2E - Cloudkill
    SCRL2F - Cone of Cold
    SCRL2G - Monster Summoning III
    SCRL2H - Shadow Door
    SCRL2I - Letter
    SCRL2J - Letter
    SCRL3D - Letter
    SCRL56 - Cure Serious Wounds
    SCRL58 - Free Action
    SCRL59 - Neutralize Poison
    SCRL61 - Cure Critical Wounds
    SCRL62 - Flame Strike
    SCRL63 - Raise Dead
    SCRL66 - Grease
    SCRL67 - Armor
    SCRL68 - Burning Hands
    SCRL69 - Charm Person
    SCRL70 - Color Spray
    SCRL71 - Blindness
    SCRL72 - Friends
    SCRL73 - Protection from Petrification
    SCRL75 - Identify
    SCRL76 - Infravision
    SCRL77 - Magic Missile
    SCRL78 - Protection from Evil
    SCRL79 - Shield
    SCRL80 - Shocking Grasp
    SCRL81 - Sleep
    SCRL82 - Chill Touch
    SCRL83 - Chromatic Orb
    SCRL84 - Larloch's Minor Drain
    SCRL85 - Blur
    SCRL86 - Detect Evil
    SCRL87 - Detect Invisibility
    SCRL89 - Horror
    SCRL90 - Invisibility
    SCRL91 - Knock
    SCRL92 - Know Alignment
    SCRL93 - Luck
    SCRL94 - Resist Fear
    SCRL95 - Melf's Acid Arrow
    SCRL96 - Mirror Image
    SCRL97 - Stinking Cloud
    SCRL98 - Strength
    SCRL99 - Web

    SHLD01 - Small Shield
    SHLD02 - Small Shield +1
    SHLD03 - Medium Shield
    SHLD04 - Medium Shield +1
    SHLD05 - Large Shield
    SHLD06 - Large Shield +1
    SHLD07 - Large Shield +1, +4 vs Missiles
    SHLD08 - Buckler
    SHLD09 - Buckler
    SHLD10 - Buckler
    SHLD11 - Small Shield
    SHLD12 - Small Shield
    SHLD13 - Medium Shield
    SHLD14 - Medium Shield
    SHLD15 - Large Shield
    SHLD16 - Large Shield

    SLNG01 - Sling
    SLNG02 - Sling +1

    SPER01 - Spear
    SPER02 - Spear +1
    SPER03 - Spear +3, Backbiter

    STAF01 - Quarterstaff
    STAF02 - Quarterstaff +1

    SW1H01 - Bastard Sword
    SW1H02 - Bastard Sword +1
    SW1H03 - Bastard Sword +1, Shapeshifters
    SW1H04 - Long Sword
    SW1H05 - Long Sword +1
    SW1H06 - Long Sword +2
    SW1H07 - Short Sword
    SW1H08 - Short Sword +1
    SW1H09 - Short Sword +2
    SW1H10 - Short Sword of Backstabbing
    SW1H13 - Moonblade
    SW1H15 - Scimitar +3, Frostbrand

    SW2H01 - Two Handed Sword
    SW2H02 - Two Handed Sword +1
    SW2H03 - Two Handed Sword, Berserking
    SW2H06 - Spider's Bane

    WAND02 - Wand of Fear
    WAND03 - Wand of Magic Missiles
    WAND04 - Wand of Paralyzation
    WAND05 - Wand of Fire
    WAND06 - Wand of Frost
    WAND07 - Wand of Lightning
    WAND08 - Wand of Sleep
    WAND09 - Wand of Polymorphing
    WAND10 - Wand of Monster Summoning
    WAND11 - Wand of the Heavens

    XBOW01 - Heavy Crossbow
    XBOW02 - Heavy Crossbow +1
    XBOW03 - Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy
    XBOW04 - Light Crossbow
    XBOW05 - Light Crossbow +1
    XBOW06 - Light Crossbow of Speed


    If you want easy money,get many(20) winterwolf skins and go to
    nashkel's store. The store keeper take the skins and give you 500 Gp
    each. When you have given him them all, he can't hold them and he
    stands upon them, and you can easily take them up and give them again.
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    Utente L'avatar di Snowolf
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    Trieste (Italia)
    Baldur's Gate - Tales of the Sword Coast
    Baldur's Gate - Tales of the Sword Coast

    Create All Items:
    While playing, press CTRL-TAB to access the talk prompt.
    While there, type CLUAConsole:CreateItem("item",x),
    where # is the desired quantity of the item.


    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("amul17",99) - gives 99 Greenstone Amulets
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("staf06",7) - gives 7 Staff-Maces

    Additional Objects:
    AMUL17 -- Greenstone Amulet
    MISC2M -- Dwarven Rune Wardstone
    MISC2O -- Lock of hair from Kirindale
    MISC2I -- Wardstone Forgery
    STAF06 -- Staff-Mace
    STAF07 -- Staff-Spear +2
    STAF08 -- Quarterstaff +3
    SCRL5A -- Mental Domination
    SCRL5B -- Defensive Harmony
    SCRL5C -- Protection from Lightening
    SCRL5D -- Protection from Evil 10'Radius
    SCRL5E -- Champion's Strength
    SCRL5F -- Chaotic Commands
    SCRL5G -- Remove Curse
    SCRL5H -- Emotion
    SCRL5I -- Greater Malaison
    SCRL5R -- Anderis Journal
    SCRL5S -- Dezekiel's Scroll
    BRAC11 -- Bracers of Binding (cursed item)
    CLCK20 -- Cloak of the Shield
    CLCK21 -- Holy cloak
    CLCK22 -- Shandalar's cloak
    DAGG09 -- Silver dagger - Werebane
    DAGG10 -- Soultaker Dagger
    HAMM04 -- Warhammer +1,+4 vs giant humanoids
    LEAT09 -- Leather armor +3
    LEAT10 -- Hide armor
    MISC1A -- Bottle of wine
    MISC1B -- Butter knife of Balduran
    MISC1C -- Sea Charts
    MISC2A -- Doppleganger's Wardstone
    MISC2B -- Level 1 exit Wardstone
    MISC2C -- Islanne Wardstone
    MISC2D -- Kiel Wardstone
    MISC2E -- Fuernebol Wardstone
    MISC2F -- Teleportation Wardstone
    MISC2G -- Level 2 exit Wardstone
    MISC2H -- Shandalar's Wardstone
    MISC2J -- Wardstone of forgery
    MISC2K -- Compass Wardstone
    MISC2L -- Bone Wardstone
    MISC2N -- Dwarven's Rune Wardstone
    MISC2P -- Greagan's Harp
    MISC91 -- Grapes
    MISC92 -- Switch for engine
    MISC93 -- Odd looking key
    MISC94 -- Mallet head
    MISC95 -- Mallet handle
    MISC96 -- Peladon
    MISC97 -- De'Tranion's Baalor ale
    MISC98 -- Durlag's goblet
    MISC99 -- Plate mail armor (cursed item..belt icon)
    PLAT08 -- Plate Mail +3
    SCRL5J -- Oliluke's resilient sphere
    SCRL5K -- Spirit armor
    SCRL5L -- Polymorph Other
    SCRL5M -- Polymorph Self
    SCRL5N -- Domination
    SCRL5O -- Hold Monster
    SCRL5P -- Chaos
    SCRL5Q -- Feeblemind
    STAF05 -- Staff of Striking
    SW1H18 -- Sword of Balduran
    SW1H19 -- The Vampire's revenge (cursed item)
    SW1H20 -- Scimitar
    SW1H21 -- Short sword
    SW1H22 -- Scimitar +1
    SW1H23 -- Scimitar +2
    SW1H24 -- Long Sword +1, Flame Tongue
    SW2H07 -- Two-Handed sword +3
    SW2H08 -- Two-Handed sword +2


    Tip 1:
    If you click on a loot item in a chest or on the ground,
    and you see it flash rapidly, do not click on it a second
    time; immediately click on something else on the screen.
    Some players have reported a bug that causes items to
    disappear this way, and it's an annoying way to lose a
    suit of plate armor.

    Tip 2:
    Don't be shy about buying potions of Perception for your
    thief, and for good measure, you should also have someone
    casting Find Traps when you're in Durlag's Tower.
    The traps there are plentiful, hideous, and more than
    capable of wiping out a character instantly.

    Tip 3:
    Werewolves--you gotta love 'em. If your battles with the
    moon doggies are going poorly, you may want to concentrate
    on magical attacks: Try to hose them down with as much
    magical damage as possible per round until you finally
    kill them

    Duplicate items
    This trick will duplicate any item that can be "stacked" in the
    inventory. One of the best uses is to duplicate gems to create
    an unlimited source of gold. Place a potion of healing in one
    of the quick items slots. Open the inventory screen, replace it
    with a gem, then immediately return to the game screen.
    The image of the potion should still be in that slot,
    but the gem's name should appear on the help scroll if
    the pointer is left over that slot. Left click on the gem
    once, wait for the target cursor to disappear from your
    character, then left click the gem a second time.
    After the target cursor disappears again, return to
    the inventory screen. The number of gems in that slot
    should now be 65352 instead of 1. Do not stack any
    additional gems in that slot, or the CPU will reset
    the total to 20. Note: This trick works with the original
    release of the game and may not function in patched versions.

    Enable blood and gore (German and other international versions)
    Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a
    backup copy of the file before proceeding. Using a text editor,
    edit the "Baldur.ini" file in the game directory. Add the line
    "Memory Access=100".

    Cheat Codes
    Note: This procedure involves editing a game file;
    create a backup copy of the file before proceeding.
    Using a text editor, edit the "Baldur.ini" file in
    the game directory. Add the line "Cheats=1" under the
    "[Game Options]" heading. Then, begin a game and press
    [Ctrl] + [Tab] to display the console window.
    Type one of the following case-sensitive codes,
    press [Enter], then press [Ctrl] + [Tab] to close
    the console window and activate the corresponding
    cheat function:


    Add 500 gold to inventory
    - Cheats:Midas();

    All items needed for main quest
    - Cheats:CriticalItems();

    Friendly Drizzt appears
    - CheatsrizztDefends();

    Hostile Drizzt appears
    - CheatsrizztAttacks();

    Summon 10 friendly berserk chickens
    - Cheats:TheGreatGonzo();

    Cow Kill spell created if a cow is nearby
    - Cheats:CowKill();

    Current map fully revealed
    - Cheats:ExploreArea();

    Add Scroll Of Stone To Flesh, 5 Potions Of Healing,
    and 5 Antidotes to inventory
    - Cheats:FirstAid();

    Teleport to open location if stuck

    Set experience points of all party members to indicated value
    - CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP("[number]")

    Enable cheat keys from following list
    - CLUAConsole:EnableCheatKeys()

    Spawn selected creature or NPC as in the following examples
    - CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("[six letter name]")

    Create selected item from following list
    - CLUAConsole:CreateItem("[item name]")

    View FMV sequences:
    Note: This procedure involves editing a game file;
    create a backup copy of the file before proceeding.
    Use a text editor to edit the "Baldur.ini" file in
    the game directory. Add the following lines under
    the "[Movies]" section to unlock all FMV sequences
    in the "Play Movie" option.


    Save screenshot:
    Press [Print Screen] to save the current screen in
    the "scrnshot" sub-directory in the game directory.

    Enable blood and gore (German and other international versions):
    Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a
    backup copy of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor
    to edit the "Baldur.ini" file in the game directory. Add the
    line "Memory Access=100".

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    Baldur's Gate 2 - Shadows of Amn
    Baldur's Gate 2 - Shadows of Amn

    Open the Baldur.ini file with notepad, look for a heading
    called [Program Options]. Under this heading type:
    Debug Mode=1, then save and exit. Start your game of
    BG2 as normal and in game press Control+Space to
    activate the console.

    Console Cheats (Must be entered exactly as shown):

    XP For Your Group:
    CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP("XP amount here") press enter
    to activate. Note the XP Cap in BG2 is 2,950,000--do not
    use commas in the XP amount.

    CLUAConsole:AddGold("Amount of gold here") press enter to
    activate. Note, as in the XP amount-DO NOT USE COMMAS!

    NOTE: You can give XP to a single or all party members.
    Click once on the character you wish to give xp to and
    then enter the XP cheat while their portrait is highlighted.
    To give all party members XP click the little square box in
    the lower right of you display and you will see all your
    characters portraits highlighted. Open the console and
    enter the code.

    Max Stats:
    When generating a character and if you have debug mode=1
    or cheats=1 and you press CTRL+SHFT+8 it will max your
    stats. If you decrease some stats before doing this you
    can take some up to 19 for races that allow 19 (like elf

    Create Items:
    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("item code here",quantity here)
    then press enter. No commas in the quantity #.

    Here is an example using the identify scroll code.


    This will place 100 Identify scrolls in your lead
    characters pack. Note that any magical items you
    create need to be identified before you get the benefits
    of using them.

    List of Items:
    chan06--Drizzt's +4 Chainmail
    leat08--Studded Leather +3:Shadow Armor
    plat05--Full Plate +1
    helm04--Helm of Defense
    shld04--Medium Shield +1
    shld06--Large Shield +1
    shld17--Buckler +1
    ring07--Ring of Protection +2
    ring08--Ring of Wizardry
    brac14--Bracers of Defense AC 4
    clck02--Cloak of Protection +2
    belt06--Girdle of Hill Giant Strength
    boot01--Boots of Speed
    staf08--Martial Staff +3
    hamm08--War Hammer +2
    sw1h09--Short Sword +2
    sw1h40--Blade of Roses(LongSword +3 +2Cha)
    sw1h49--Ninja-To +1
    sw2h09--Warblade(2-H sword +4)
    bow18 --Shortbow +2
    bow17 --Longbow +2
    slng03--Sling +3
    ax1h03--Battle Axe +2
    halb03--Halberd +2

    Create Creatures:
    CreateCreature("creature reference number goes here")
    This will give you Monsters to fight. Here is a few samples:

    dragred = Red Dragon
    dragblac = Black Dragon
    dragsilv = Silver Dragon
    demnabo1 = Nabassu
    dempi01 = Pit Fiend
    uddeath = Demon Knight

    Move to Area:
    MoveToArea("area reference number goes here")
    This will warp you to any area in the game. Be careful to have
    all your Party members selected first. Here is a few sample
    places. You can get the area number of any Area by hitting
    the x key.

    Temple District = AR0900
    Graveyard District = AR0800
    Slums District = AR0400
    Waukeens Promenade = AR0700
    Government District = AR1000
    Bridge District = AR0500
    Docks District = AR0300
    CityGates = AR0020
    Umar Hills = AR1100
    Suldanesslar = AR2500
    The Nine Hells = AR2900
    Domain of the Dragon = AR1201
    Asylum Dungeon = AR1512
    Bodhis Dungeon = AR0801
    Astral Prison = AR0516
    Planar Sphere = AR0411
    Cult of the Unseeing Eye= AR0202
    Rift Dungeon = AR0204
    Demon Outerworld = AR0414
    De'Arnise Hold = AR1300
    Trademeet = AR2000
    Druids Grove = AR1900

    Reveal Map:
    Reveals the entire map.

    Heal Party:
    When you have Debug Mode=1 in your baldur.ini file, you
    may use [CTRL] + T to heal the entire party and remove
    harmful spell effects.

    Instant Kill:
    When you have Debug Mode=1 in your baldur.ini file, you
    may use [CTRL] + Y to kill the person or monster the
    cursor is on.

    Other Cheats:
    When you have Debug Mode=1 in your baldur.ini file, you
    may use [CTRL] + 1 to change armor class of selected
    character. [CTRL] + 6 and [CTRL] + 7 to change the model
    of the selected char (prev and next, respectively).

    Heal and Jump:
    With Debug Mode enabled, press Ctrl + R to heal a
    character, and Ctrl + J to jump to the mouse cursor

    Submitted by: rickHH

    Click the TCP/IP option, even if offline, to create and
    play six of your own characters. (Note: you'll miss out
    on a lot of quests, but it's a great way to replay the game.)

    Be picky when choosing quests. Be true to your alignment
    and don't bite off more than you can chew, or your
    reputation will suffer.

    The game is 100 percent playable and quite different if
    you opt to play as an evil character. For example,
    instead of freeing the slaves, you are charged with
    putting down their uprising.

    Stock up on Restoration spells when facing undead.
    Being "level drained" is a horrible way to go. Failing
    that, if you have Raise Dead spells let a level-drained
    character die (unless it's your character); once raised
    he'll be back to a normal level.

    Spawn Monster List:
    Submitted by: Brian

    You have to edit a game file; you should always
    create a backup copy of the file before editing.
    Use a text editor to edit the baldur.ini file in
    the game folder. Add the line "Debug Mode=1" under
    the "[Program Options]" heading.

    Monster names.
    Use one of the following entries with the
    CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("") code to spawn the
    corresponding creature.

    Black Dragon - dragblac
    Blue Salamander - icsalcol
    Bone Golem - icbone01
    Demi Lich - hldemi
    Djinni - gendji01
    Drow Warrior - uddrow27
    Elder Orb Beholder - beheld01
    Gauth Beholder - behgau01
    Giant Troll - trogi01
    Greater Ghoul - ghogr01
    Greater Mummy - mumgre01
    Iron Golem - goliro01
    Lich - lich01
    Mature Vampire - vammat01
    Mind Flayer - mindfl01
    Minotaur - icmin01
    Mist Horror - mistho01
    Ogre - ogre01
    Orog Warrior - orc05
    Red Dragon - dragred
    Silver Dragon - dragsil
    Skeleton Warrior - skelwa01
    Splitter Troll - troluo01
    Stone Golem - golsto01
    Wyvern - wyvern01

    How to beat Firkraag the dragon, Or any dragon.
    Submitted by: derek SMITH

    First you'll need a wand of cloud kill with at least ten charges,
    Put it in one of your quick item slots. Position Your character
    with the wand of cloud kill just out of veiw of the dragon,
    keeping all your other characters at a distance. Now keep shooting
    your wand of cloud kill in the direction of the dragon without
    coming into veiw of it. This way you dont have to be at a high
    level to beat dragons.


    In chapter 4 "SpellHold" you start off in Brynnlaw, the Sanik and
    Clair quest is taken there. In it you most rescue Clair from the
    evil Galvenena's Feasthall. Complete the mission by drugging the
    guards with the enlist help off the serving girl and Ellie the cook.
    Once you've finished return to Ellie who will award you EXP, however
    a fault in the game means that if you talk to her again she will
    award the same EXP to you and she will continue to do this

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    Baldur's Gate 2 - Throne of Bhaal
    Baldur's Gate 2 - Throne of Bhaal

    Open the file baldur.ini in the BG2 fold and
    search for the section [Program Options].
    Here place a row

    Debug Mode=1:
    then save and start your game. Press [Ctrl][Space]
    to activate the console. Now type in the cheats and
    confirm with [Enter], all codes are case sensitive.

    Set experience points for your group, where XXX is
    the amount, this can be max 2950000. You can use this
    for the group or for the selected character only.

    Set amount of gold, where XXX is the amount

    Reveal Map

    Create Any Item in the Game (see below)

    CLUAConsole:CreateItem("[item name]",[number])
    Create multiple item

    In-game cheat keys:
    Use one of the following codes during a game after entering
    the "CLUAConsole:EnableCheatKeys()" code to activate the
    corresponding cheat function:

    Result - Keys
    Heal character - [Ctrl] + R
    Move party to pointer location - [Ctrl] + J
    Heal and remove harmful spell
    effects from party - [Ctrl] + T
    Kill selected character or monster - [Ctrl] + Y
    Change AC of selected character - [Ctrl] + 1
    Previous selected character's model - [Ctrl] + 6
    Advance selected character's model - [Ctrl] + 7
    Maximum stats at character
    generation screen - [Shift] + [Ctrl] + 8

    Monster names:
    Use one of the following values with the
    "CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("[monster name]")"
    code to spawn the corresponding creature:

    Creature Monster name
    Black Dragon dragblac
    Blue Salamander icsalcol
    Bone Golem icbone01
    Demi Lich hldemi
    Djinni gendji01
    Drow Warrior uddrow27
    Elder Orb Beholder beheld01
    Gauth Beholder behgau01
    Giant Troll trogi01
    Greater Ghoul ghogr01
    Greater Mummy mumgre01
    Iron Golem goliro01
    Lich lich01
    Mature Vampire vammat01
    Mind Flayer mindfl01
    Minotaur icmin01
    Mist Horror mistho01
    Ogre ogre01
    Orog Warrior orc05
    Red Dragon dragred
    Silver Dragon dragsil
    Skeleton Warrior skelwa01
    Splitter Troll troluo01
    Stone Golem golsto01
    Wyvern wyvern01

    View all ending sequences:
    Note: This procedure involves editing a game file;
    create a backup copy of the file before proceeding.
    Use a text editor to edit the "baldur.ini" file in
    the game directory. Add the following lines under the
    existing entries in the "[Movies]" section to unlock
    all FMV sequences in the "Play Movie" option.


    View development team:
    Go to Watcher's Keep and get to the spirit maze.
    While in the maze, quickly pause game play and display
    the area map. The development team will appear in place
    of the map.


    start a multy-player game. select a character of your choice. for my part
    i choise a sorcerer. using the debug cheat warp to the map "9 hells" where
    the contes "tears of baal" is. save the game immidiatly. after this complete
    every chamber quest and get the improvement. to complete the quests use the
    "instant kill" cheat. then export your charakter and load the game in the
    first place. this time export your newly character.continoue the chamber
    quest until you reach acid fire cold magic res. 125, savings rools -20 to
    25, hit points 300 ac -24. of course to reach the magic res. stat to 125
    you will lose dexterity. via a uge editor you could rise it to max. stat
    of 24 again as well as the other stats. it is very simpel to find these
    stat in the charachter bios. just type find numeric xx. all stats are
    very near to the other. then start a single player game and export your
    character. i got a first level character with these stats: str, dex, const,
    wis, int, caris. each 24!. fire, acid, cold, magic res. 125. savings rolls
    so about -20 to 24 and hit points 239. immune to +1 weapon and less.

    of course i played the game with just one character. it was just funny.
    the other thing you can do is to pick a kensai and improve him to level
    24 and change him after this point to a thief. there is enough exp. points
    left to reach one or two levels above the first class(but only with the
    expansion pack: throne of baal). pick the "use all items" improvment for
    the thief. this way your kensai/thief character can use any armor while
    only a kensai charakter can't. his damage and to attack stats his much
    higher of any fighter class even on level 40. and despite of this you
    use every item, weapon armor... restricted to other classees. you can
    as well wield to weapon and one of them should increase your attacks
    by one (there are two such weapon, one short sword, which you can obtain
    on the streets of amn and the other in the druid grove-ogre mage tower).
    after casting a improve haste spell on yourself you do 8 attack in one
    round for over two turns, depending on your or the mages!
    level, the fighters special whirlwind attack only for two rounds, with
    only two attacks pro round more. you can even duplicate yourself or even
    a third clone could be create with the proper spell. once such a character
    was turned against me with charm spell and execute my entire party less
    one minute. all my party members had nearly maximum exp. points. the kensai
    /thief character is to powerfull to gain much fun from the game, but the
    sorcerer class is a good balance to play alone. for example i got killed
    for times before i figured out with wich strategy i could kill the "prince
    of demons" in the lowest level of the "keep" and even so it wasn't easy.

    Submitted by: shadowassasin31

    When creating a character, choose theif and fill up your pickpocketing
    skill and later in the game, steal some good items that will sell for
    a high price. go down to the docks to the orange building owened by
    the shadow thieves. there will be a merchant there who will bye stolen
    goods. sell your items and then steal them back. repeat this for a lot
    of gold.

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