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Discussione: Le Nostre Discografie

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    Aggression L'avatar di Squall the beast
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    Le Nostre Discografie

    Ho notato che nn c'era una discussione del genere e provvedo io.
    Postate le vostre discografie qui

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    Aggression L'avatar di Squall the beast
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    Ecco la mia :

    gnostic Front: Live In Ambers 1999
    Agnostic Front: Riot Riot Upstart
    Agnostic Front: Somethings Gotta Give
    Agnostic Front: Another Voice
    Agnostic Front: Victim In Pain
    Angelic Upstarts: 2000000 Voices
    Angelic Upstarts: Anthems Against Scum
    Angelic Upstarts: Sons Of Spartacus
    Angelic Upstarts: We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
    Angelic Upstarts: Angel Dust
    Anti Flag: Underground Network
    Anti Flag: The Terror State
    Anti Flag: Their System Doesn't Work For You
    Anti Flag / Bouncing Souls: Split Series #4
    Alkaline Trio: From Here To infirmary
    Bad Religion: Recipe Of Hate
    Bad Religion: How Could Be Any Worse
    Bad Religion: Against The Grain
    Bad Religion: The Empire Stike First
    Bad religion: No Control
    Black Flag: Damaged
    Bouncing Souls: How I Spent My Summer Vacation
    Bouncing Souls: Hopeless Romantic
    Bouncing Souls: the good, the bad, and the argyle
    Bouncing Souls: Anchors Aweigh
    Derozer: Chiusi Dentro
    Derozer: Alla Nostra EtÓ
    Derozer: Live In Studio
    Derozer: Di Nuovo In Marcia
    Dropkick Murphys: The Warriors Code
    Dropkick Murphys: Blackout
    Dropkick Murphys: The Early Years
    Dropkick Murphys: Sing Loud Sing Proud
    Dropkick Murphys: Course Of The fallen Soul
    Dropkick Murphys / The Buisness: Mob Mentality
    Dropkick Murphys / Oxymoron: Split
    Erode: Tempo Che Non Ritorna
    FFD: Let's All United
    FFD / Los fastidios: Hasta La Baldoria
    GBH: City Attacked By Rats
    GBH: No Survivors
    GBH: City Babe Revange
    Good Riddance: Bound By Ties Of Blood And Affection
    Good Riddance / Kill Your Idols: Split
    Good Riddance / Symptomos Of A leaving: Split
    Hello's Punk: Container
    Hot Water Music: The New What Next
    Iron Maiden: Fear Of The Dark
    Klasse Kriminale: Odiati e Fieri
    Klasse Kriminale: Faccia A Faccia
    Klasse kriminale: International Soldier
    Klasse Kriminale: The History Of
    Klasse Kriminale: What Have We Got? Fuck Punk Rock
    Klasse Kriminale: Klasse Kriminale (2005)
    Lars frederiksen And The Bastrards: Lars frederiksen And The Bastrards
    Lars frederiksen And The Bastrards: Viking
    Lag Wagon: Duh
    Linea 77: Numb
    Los Fastidios: Guardo Avanti
    Los Fastidios: Contiamo Su Di Voi
    Los Fastidios: Sopra E Sotto Il Palco
    Matchbook Romance: Stories And Alibies
    Matchbook Romance / Motion City Soundtrack: Split
    Millecolin: Pennybridge Pioneers
    Misfits: Earth
    Motion City Soundtrack: I Am The Movie
    Nirvana: Bleach
    Nirvana: Never Mind
    Nirvana: In Utero
    Nirvana: Incesticide
    Nirvana: Unplugged in NY
    Nirvana: Best of
    No Use For A Name: The Daily Grind
    No Use For A Name: Hard Rock botton
    No Use For A Name: Incognito
    Nofx: Liberal Animation
    Nofx: The Decline
    Nofx: Maxinum Rock n'Roll
    Nofx: The War On Errorism
    Nofx: Punk In Drubblic
    Nofx: Pump Up The Valuum
    Nofx: So Long And Thanks For All The Shoes
    Nofx: S&M Airlines
    Nofx: White Trash Two Heebs And A bean
    Nofx: Heavy Petting Zoo
    Nofx: 45 or 46 Songs That.......
    Nofx: The Longest Line
    Nofx / Rancid:Split Series #1
    Operation Ivy: Energy
    Operation ivy: Seedy
    Oxymoron: Fuck The Nineties Here'sOue Noize
    Oxymoron: Feed The Breed
    Oxymoron: The Pack Is Back
    Pennywise: Pennywise
    Pennywise: Unknow Road
    Pennywise: Live At The Key club
    Pornoriviste: Codice A Sbarre
    Pornoriviste: Cosa Facciamo
    Pornoriviste: Fino Alla Fine
    Pornoriviste: Sogni Incubi.... La Cosa Inutile
    Pornoriviste: Tensione 16
    Pornoriviste: Live Saronno
    Pulley: Matters
    Pulley: Together Again For The First Time
    Punk Is Not Dead
    Punk O' Rama Vol.9
    Punkreas: 90/93
    Punkreas: Paranoia e potere
    Punkreas: Elettrodomestico
    Punkreas: Pelle
    Punkreas: Falso
    Rancid: Rancid
    Rancid: Let's Go
    Rancid: And Out Comes The Wolves
    Rancid: Life Wont Wait
    Rancid: Rancid (2000)
    Rancid: Indestructible
    Rancid: Live in Sweaden 2000
    Rancid: The B-Sides Colelction
    Rancid: See Ya In The Pit
    Rancid: Grease And Garbage
    Rancid: Demos From The Pit
    Refused: The Shape Of Punk To Come
    Rise Against: The Unraveling
    Rise Against: Revolution per Minute
    Rise Against: Song Of The Counter Culture
    Roger Miret And the Disaster: Roger Miret And the Disaster
    Satanic Surfer: Hero Of Our Time
    Satanic Surfer: Going Nowhere Fast
    Senza Sicura: Pi¨ Di 1000
    Senza Sicura: Il Potere Del Nulla
    Stiff Little Finger: Inflammable Material
    Sick Of It All: Life On The Ropes
    Sick Of It All: Outtakes For The Outcast
    Skruigners: Finalmente Vi Odio Davvero
    Skruigners: 2003
    Skruigners: Grazie Di Tutto
    Sham 69: The Game
    Sistem Of A Down: Toxi City
    Sistem Of A Down: Steal This Album
    Snapcase: Design For Automotion
    Social Distortion: White Light white Heat White Trash
    Social Distortion: Live In Orange County
    Social Distortion: Prison Bound
    Social Distortion: Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell
    Social Distortion: Sex Love & Rock n'Roll
    Social Distortion: Mommy Little Monster
    The Adicts: 5th Overture
    The Adicts: Smart Alex
    The Adicts: Songs Of Praise
    The Adicts: Sound Of Music
    The Adicts: Twenty-Seven
    The Brews: Off The Charts
    The Brilli: Volare Sopra Il Cielo
    The Casualties: This Is For The Punx
    The Casualties: The Early Years
    The Casualties: Underground Army
    The Casualties: On The Front Line
    The Casualties: Die Hard
    The Distillers: The Distillers
    The Distillers: Sing Sing Death House
    The Hives: Tyrannosaurus Hives
    The Exploited: Punk Is Not Dead
    The Virus: Nowhere To Hide
    The Vibrators: V2
    The Manges: Rocket To You
    The Manges / The Queers: Split
    The Queers: A Day Late And A Dollar Short
    The Queers: Pleasant Screams
    The Toy Dolls: Wakey Wakey
    The Toy Dolls: Twenty Two Tunes Live Frim Tokyo
    The Toy Dolls: Very First Album
    The Toy Dolls: Bare Faced Cheek
    This Is Horrorpunk Vol. 1
    1208: tourn Of The Screw

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