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Discussione: Serious Sam The First Encounter

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    Utente L'avatar di Mimi
    Registrato il

    Esclamazione Serious Sam The First Encounter

    non so come uccidere il mostro finale pur avendo inserito tutti i trucchi!!
    qualcuno sa cosa posso fare??

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    Prisencolinensinainciusol L'avatar di tumo88
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    ho trovato questa soluzione in inglese:

    Here it is, the final level. This is as unrelenting as the previous levels,
    and then some. Go forward for awhile, and you will find the main corridor
    with two pyramids to the sides and three pedestals in the center. On these
    pedestals are a backpack and health. These constantly regenerate with time, so
    take them WHENEVER YOU NEED THEM. Soon after you enter, the waves of enemies
    start coming...

    Wave One: ~130 Kleer Skeletons. Use the Rocket Launcher as your main weapon.
    Wave Two: ~100 Bulls. This is where it gets intense! Run around in circles
    and use your Cannon, trying to take out a line of them with every
    shot. Near the end of the wave, they go in a square around the
    place. Get into the square and take rows of them out at a time.
    Wave Three: ~70 Bio-Mechanoids. Use your Cannon and the Lasergun.
    Wave Four: ~30 final Skeletons. This shouldn't be a problem!

    Since the Backpacks regenerate, you can really use whatever weapons you want.
    Switch back and forth between your favorites, then grab a Backpack whenever you
    feel like it. When you finish, go through the opened door...

    Now the boss himself appears behind you. He's one big guy, but he's not your
    main problem yet. After the cutscene ends, go forward on the path. All sorts
    of enemies appear while you travel on the path - break out the Cannon to thin
    out the pack of Bulls, then finish them off with the Minigun or Lasergun.
    Switch to the Rocket Launcher for the Bio-Mechanoids, then use the Lasergun for
    the Skeletons. Use whatever you can, then make it to the top of the pyramid!
    From here, fire your Cannon at Ugh-Zan III until his health dips into the red
    zone. If you run out of Cannonballs, switch to the Lasergun, then the Minigun,
    then the Rocket Launcher. As for his attacks, don't worry about them too much;
    the Cannon will rip through the rocks and missiles, and the Lasergun and
    Minigun will easily dispatch them. Sidestep to avoid his blue lasers. Once
    his health goes red, turn around and enter the pyramid...

    After a nice cutscene, you emerge on the spaceship. Now it's time to finish
    him off! Run to one of the corners immediately. Take the item there, then get
    on one of the Jump Pads. It will launch you through a weird hoop if you don't
    move out of the way. Go to the next corner, then launch through the next hoop.
    Keep on going around the perimeter until you've gone through all the hoops.
    Then, try to lure Ugh-Zan into the center of the arena. In a few seconds, a
    giant charge will zap him, costing him a large amount of his health. Repeat as
    necessary. This attack alone won't be enough - constantly fire your Cannon
    at him. His attacks are pretty simple to avoid. Eventually, he'll die...
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    Utente L'avatar di Mimi
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    grazie ora provo...

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    Utente L'avatar di Mimi
    Registrato il
    no non ci sono ruscita!!!!!

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