Non so tradurlo bene ma mi sembra che l'argomento sia quello e mi sembra anche verrą sviluppato dalla 4KIDS quella ke fa i film di pokemon ! Cmq ki ci riesce lo traduca bene please :

Ecco il sito dello 4KIDS

ed ecco l'articolo originale !

" Yes, Zelda Movie Rights are or were in negotiation
There seems to be some drama as to whether or not I'm lying about this Zelda movie. Just because someone options or buysrights, doesn't mean a movie WILL be made, just that there is strong interest in it. If whatever company is optioning rights, they have usually about 6 months to a year to find producers to back the movie, after that, the rights go back to the original owners(nintendo) If the studio buys the rights (which it probably will, considering they have loads of money and buying rights is much more expensive than optioning rights), the rights go to the studio forever.

Here's the story:

Like many others, I wrote a screenplay for a live-action Legend of Zelda. Reading others scripts (posted online and such) I contacted the authors and found that no one had wrote them seriously, just for fun.

Except for Joe Morris of The reply from Nintendo was that Joe himself had to contact Nintendo if he wanted to negotiate the rights to the movie.

So i contacted numerous Nintendo officials (can't remember which ones, exactly, but they were in the high corporate positions) and I received very vague responses about what to do if i wanted to option rights for the game.

One spokesperson actually gave me real information--he told me that all of the rights to Nintendo's non-video game merchandise (toys, movies, etc.) were handled by 4KidsEntertainment(yes, the company that does Pokemon).

So I contacted all the corporate people there, and Susan Eisner was the only one who responded to me. I asked who i would need to talk to about optioning rights, and she asked me if i was interested in the rights. I said i was. She asked if i was with a company. I said I wasn't. She told me:

Dear Sir,

These type of rights would only be granted for a substantial sum. We
typically work with large theatrical agencies.


Susan Eisner

I persisted. Then she sent me that email that I originally posted. She said it was extremely difficult to grant rights to someone without a proven track record(exact words), then said that many people over the years have tried to pitch rights for the Legend of Zelda, and they were currently in negotiations with a "large theatrical venture" over the rights. I tried to contact her again, but she stopped responding to me

So, if you dont think this is real, here's her email address(check the 4KidsEntertainment website, she's on there somewhere under contacts, i think):

[email protected]

I don't know if she'll respond back, maybe if you pretend you are with a "large theatrical company" or that you are an established, well-known screenwriter she'll find the time.

Im interested in hearing if any of you get any new info on this."