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Discussione: lista dei giochi che SICURAMENTE verranno mostrati all' E3 di Los Angeles

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    Vampyrotheutis Infernalis L'avatar di Necromancer
    Registrato il

    Occhiolino lista dei giochi che SICURAMENTE verranno mostrati all' E3 di Los Angeles

    - Axle Rage n/a PC PS2
    - Bloody Magic n/a PC
    - Borderzone n/a PC
    - Konung II n/a PC
    - MechMinds n/a PC
    - Outfront n/a PC
    - Perimeter n/a PC
    - Private Wars n/a PC
    - Rig 'n' Roll n/a PC
    - Space Rangers n/a PC
    - Spanking Runners n/a PC
    - Sphere n/a PC
    - Star Wolves n/a PC
    - Vivisector: Beast Inside n/a PC
    - Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse n/a PC GCN XBOX PS2
    - Jacked n/a GCN XBOX PS2
    - Street Racing Syndicate n/a GCN XBOX PS2
    - Alias n/a GCN XBOX PS2
    - Gladiator: Sword of Vengeance n/a GCN XBOX PS2
    - NBA Jam n/a PC
    - Speed Kings n/a GCN XBOX PS2
    - Summer Heat Beach Volleyball n/a PC
    - SX Superstar n/a GCN XBOX PS2
    - Urban Freestyle Soccer n/a GCN XBOX PS2
    - XGRA n/a GCN XBOX PS2
    - Call of Duty view media PC
    - Day of Defeat n/a PC
    - Doom 3 n/a PC
    - Empire: Dawn of the Modern World n/a PC
    - Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy view media PC XBOX
    - The Movies n/a PC GCN XBOX PS2
    - True Crime: Streets of L.A. n/a GCN XBOX PS2
    - Starcraft: Ghost n/a GCN XBOX PS2
    - WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne n/a PC
    - World of WarCraft view media PC
    Buka Entertainment
    - Battle Mages n/a PC
    - Charm of War n/a PC
    - Echelon: Wind Warriors n/a PC
    - Fair Strike n/a PC
    - Hard Truck Tycoon n/a PC
    - MARCH!: Offworld Recon n/a PC
    - Midnight Nowhere n/a PC
    - Paradise Cracked n/a PC
    - Red Shark n/a PC
    - Spells of Gold n/a PC
    - Steamland n/a PC
    - The Entete. World War I Battlefields n/a PC
    - Chaos Legion n/a PS2
    - Dead Phoenix n/a GCN
    - Dino Crisis 3 n/a XBOX
    - Gotcha Force n/a GCN
    - Gregory Horror Show n/a PS2
    - Group S Challenge n/a XBOX
    - Killer 7 n/a GCN
    - Maximo vs. Army of Zin n/a PS2
    - Mega Man Network Transmission n/a GCN
    - Mega Man X7 n/a PS2
    - Onimusha 3 n/a PS2
    - Onimusha: Blade Warriors n/a PS2
    - P.N. 03 n/a GCN
    - Pro Cast Sports Fishing n/a XBOX
    - Resident Evil 4 n/a GCN
    - Resident Evil: Dead Aim n/a PS2
    - Steel Battalion Online n/a XBOX
    - Viewtiful Joe n/a GCN
    - Blitzkrieg n/a PC
    - Breed view media PC
    - No Man's Land n/a PC
    - Panzers n/a PC
    - The Kore Gang n/a XBOX
    - Vultures view media XBOX
    - Korea: Forgotten conflict view media PC
    - Shade:Wrath of Angels n/a PC
    - UFO: Aftermath n/a PC
    - Battlefield Command n/a PC
    - Club Football n/a PC XBOX
    - Colin McRae Rally 4 XBOX PS2
    - Dragon Empires PC
    - Operation: Flashpoint n/a PC XBOX
    - Operation: Flashpoint 2 n/a PC
    - Pop Idol n/a PC PS2
    Disney Interactive
    - Pirates of the Caribbean view media PC XBOX
    - Code of Destruction: Traitors Gate 2 n/a PC
    - Painkiller n/a XBOX
    - SuperPower 2 n/a PC
    - The Crystal Key 2 n/a PC
    Eidos Interactive
    - Backyard Wrestling n/a XBOX PS2
    - Chain Gang n/a XBOX PS2
    - Commandos 3: Destination Berlin view media PC
    - Deus Ex n/a PC XBOX PS2
    - Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness n/a PC PS2
    - Legacy of Kain: Defiance n/a XBOX PS2
    - Republic: The Revolution n/a PC
    - The Italian Job view media GCN XBOX PS2
    - Thief III n/a PC XBOX
    Empire Interactive
    - Ghost Master PC PS2
    - Anarchy Online: Shadowlands n/a PC
    - The Longest Journey II n/a PC
    - Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide view media PC
    - Unreal Tournament 2004 PC
    - Hunter: The Reckoning Redeemer n/a XBOX
    - Arx Fatalis n/a PC XBOX
    Koch Media
    - World War II: Frontline Command n/a PC

    - Castlevania n/a PS2
    - Cy Girls n/a PS2
    - K-1 World Grand Prix n/a PS2
    - McFarlane's Monsters n/a PS2
    - Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes view media GCN
    - Silent Hill 3 n/a PS2
    - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles n/a PC GCN PS2
    - Advent Rising n/a PC XBOX
    - Black 9 n/a PC XBOX
    - BlowOut: Military Fighting Unit n/a PC XBOX PS2
    - Syberia II n/a PC XBOX PS2
    Microsoft Studios
    - Age of Mythology - The Titans view media PC
    - Amped 2 n/a XBOX
    - BC n/a XBOX
    - Brute Force n/a XBOX
    - Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge n/a XBOX
    - Fable n/a XBOX
    - Flight Simulator: A Century of Flight n/a PC
    - Halo n/a PC XBOX
    - Halo 2 n/a XBOX
    - MLB Inside Pitch 2003 n/a XBOX
    - Mythica view media PC
    - Project Gotham Racing 2 n/a XBOX
    - Sudeki n/a XBOX
    - Top Spin n/a XBOX
    - Voodoo Vince view media XBOX
    - ESPionage n/a GCN XBOX PS2
    - Freaky Flyers n/a GCN XBOX PS2
    - Freestyle MetalX view media GCN XBOX PS2
    - NARC n/a GCN XBOX PS2
    - NFL Blitz Pro n/a GCN XBOX PS2
    - NHL Hitz Pro n/a GCN XBOX PS2
    - Road Kill n/a PS2
    - SpyHunter 2 n/a GCN XBOX PS2
    - The Suffering n/a GCN XBOX PS2
    Nicely Crafted
    - Time of Defiance n/a
    - Golden Land n/a PC
    - Kreed n/a PC
    - Neuro n/a PC
    - Xenus view media PC
    - Altered Beast n/a PS2
    - Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg view media GCN
    - Headhunter: Redemption view media PS2
    - NBA 2K4 view media XBOX PS2
    - NCAA College Basketball 2K4 n/a XBOX PS2
    - NFL 2K4 view media XBOX PS2
    - NHL 2K4 view media XBOX PS2
    - Otogi: Myth of Demons view media XBOX
    - Sega GT Online view media XBOX
    - Sonic Adventure DX view media GCN
    - Sonic Heroes n/a GCN XBOX PS2
    - Vectorman n/a PS2
    - Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution view media PS2
    - Virtual On Marz n/a PS2
    - Worms 3D n/a PC GCN XBOX PS2
    - Counter-Strike view media PC XBOX
    Simon & Schuster Interactive
    - EVE Online: The Second Genesis view media PC
    - Outlaw Volleyball n/a XBOX
    Sony Entertainment
    - Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits n/a PS2
    - Gran Turismo 4 n/a PS2
    - Jak II n/a PS2
    - Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando n/a PS2
    - Rise to Honor n/a PS2
    - Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain n/a PS2
    Strategy First
    - Chrome n/a PC
    - Etherlords II view media PC
    - Nexagon: Deathmatch n/a PC
    - Supreme Ruler 2010 n/a PC
    - Xpand Rally n/a PC
    - Conan: The Dark Axe n/a PC
    - Corvette n/a PC XBOX PS2
    - Alter Echo n/a XBOX PS2
    - Finding Nemo n/a GCN XBOX PS2
    - MotoGP Online n/a XBOX
    - Sphinx: Shadow Of Set view media GCN PS2
    - Splashdown 2 n/a PS2
    - Tak and The Power of JuJu n/a GCN PS2
    - WWE WrestleMania XIX view media GCN
    US Army
    - America's Army n/a PC
    Virgin Interactive Entertainment
    Vivendi Universal Interactive

    - Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2 n/a XBOX PS2
    - Battlestar Galactica view media XBOX PS2
    - Cold Winter n/a XBOX PS2
    - Counter-Strike: Condition Zero n/a PC
    - Deus Ex: Invisible War n/a PC XBOX PS2
    - Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel view media XBOX PS2
    - Half-Life 2 n/a PC
    - Homeworld 2 view media PC
    - Hunter: The Reckoning Wayward n/a PS2
    - Lord of the Rings: War of the Ring view media PC
    - Men of Valor: Vietnam n/a PC XBOX
    - SWAT: Global Strike Team n/a XBOX PS2
    - The Hobbit view media PC XBOX PS2
    - The Hulk view media PC GCN XBOX PS2
    - The X-Files: Resist or Serve n/a XBOX PS2
    - Tribes: Vengeance view media PC

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    Lampo Style L'avatar di lampofinale
    Registrato il
    Magenta - MI
    giÓ postata
    Lampofinale Ŕ un Thrasher convinto ed un videogiocatore assiduo.
    Le sue opinioni non coincidono necessariamente con quelle di GamesRadar.

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    Memento Audere Semper L'avatar di Magic
    Registrato il
    ah per˛....
    ci son dei gioki davvero interessanti
    magari ci potessi andare (

    - Memento Audere Semper -

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    Vampyrotheutis Infernalis L'avatar di Necromancer
    Registrato il
    ok mod kiudete allora

  5. #5
    Son of Ivan Drago L'avatar di Sir Avalon
    Registrato il
    Cavoli, anche OF2....ma Ŕ sicuro???

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