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Discussione: Cercasi programmatori c++/sdl e pixel artists per gioco 2d

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    Cercasi programmatori c++/Directx e pixel artists per gioco 2d

    Si lo so sono un somaro e che sono molto stanco e nn mi va di tradurre tutto questo testo (il mio italiano poi nn e cosi straordinario).
    Mi scuso ancora una volta


    Project X (I like to be misterious)
    note: not the real game name.

    General: The aim of this project is to create a game that blend Final Fantasy kind of game with SNK/CAPCOM-like characters and fighting system.

    Genre: RPG/Fighting

    Engine needed: 2d

    Persons needed for the project: I'm personnaly a graphist so it will be fine to have
    _ 2 coders preferably use c++ and directx as it is the most used but it's up to you to decide.
    _another graphist know how to pixel art possibly make some tiny concepts.
    _and possibly a musician

    Game reference (to see how the game should be): Final Fantasy 6, Seiken Sensetsu 3, King of Fighters, Tales of Phantasya/Eternia

    I know today 2D games are old fashioned but with a game that could combine RPG with FIGHTING game should interest more than a person!

    I'm currently working to make a complete design document. I hope its Alpha would ready soon. I'm also working on some graphics just to make people more interested on the game.

    I know it's early but I want really to start the project from the beginning and not imposing my ideas on other people (I know how sad it is when a member of a team think to make everything as HE wants it to be.

    A little bio: I'm 17 I live in Italy and been playing with photoshop and Lightwave 3d for a while i'm also trying to learn maya for my University needs.

    Hope this could interest you. Catch me at MSN: [email protected] or write to the same adress or simply post a reply here I'll answer you myself.

    I.Games Aspects.

    So generally the game will be divided in two gameplay categories.
    _The first one is the cinematics and non-interactive gameplay passage.
    They will be used to explain the story in depth as they'll be a lot of cutscenes in the game.
    _The second one is the common RPG exploring phase.
    In this phase the player have to explore the world solve puzzles and talk to the NPC,s (non playable characters).
    _The third one (and the one that makes the game quite unique is the battle system.
    I'm a great fan of final fantasy battle systems as they've always been amazing, but I find them very, very boring as there are an average of a fight every 20 secs. But what i found very boring in them is that to beat your ennemy you use the games characters ability and not the player's one (I know it's quite confusing but a whole section cover the battle system.

    The knid of fmv's we'll be using are the SNK and CAPCOM like cutscenes. They are only big animated sprites. If it's well done it could even looks like an anime!
    Here too nothing revolutionnary this is the part where the hero go discovering the world and trying to solve THE problem (story have to be written soon). It includes exploring, solving puzzles and talking with various NPCs.
    Here is the funniest part of the whole game!!!
    Here's how it work:
    _The exploring is like in final fantasy you don't see the ennemy coming and then there is a split screen.
    _battle music
    _and finaly the player find himself in a sort of fighting game! The character is not SD (super deformed) but normal. Mainly the character will be fighting with a blade so the fighting style will look a lot to SAMURAI SPIRITS (or shodown i think).
    During the game the player will learn new abilities (martial arts,magic arts, and even summoning) but as the game will be pc targeted complex combos and special arts could be triggered with an Icon Menu (like in SEIKEN DENSETSU or SECRET OF MANA).

    So story and character are on the way I don't know if should post them if I don't have enough response I'll put them on the forum.
    We now have a lead programmer and the game will be made in C++/SDL
    So we still are seeking for one coder and one or two pixel artists.
    note: We even have a very basic map editor (I'm sure it'll be improved in the future).

    dunque recapitolando mi servono:
    _un coder bravino le c++/sdl
    _due pixel artists

    Sarebbe anche bello se sapeste masticare un po di inglese poiche il lead programmer e sevedese.
    MSN Messenger obbligatorio poiche e il punto d'incontro dell'team.
    Per qualsiasi cosa, dubbio o curiosita sono pronto a rispondervi (insomma cagatemi un po )
    Ultima modifica di demon-eyes; 8-09-2003 alle 20:15:29

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    Be Attitude for Gains L'avatar di Spiritmonger
    Registrato il
    Vergate sul Membro
    sarebbe bello aiutarli, ma ho scarse conoscenze del c++ 8(

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    Registrato il
    sarebbe bello aiutarli, ma ho scarse conoscenze del c++
    Grazie e sempre bello quando alla gente piace il tuo progetto

    Magari quando migliori.

    Volevo solo dire a tutti che si cercano coders in c++/directx!

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    I am Pain. L'avatar di The Wind Waker
    Registrato il
    Inviato da demon-eyes
    Grazie e sempre bello quando alla gente piace il tuo progetto

    Magari quando migliori.

    Volevo solo dire a tutti che si cercano coders in c++/directx!
    Il C++ lo conosco discretamente ma sulle directx sono ancora alle basi. In ogni caso buona fortuna

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