SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. has developed a high-density writing technology, "HD-BURN", which has allowed conventional CD-R media (700MB) to doubles the writing capacity (1.4GB). "HD-BURN" will be subsequently adopted into our Super Combination Drives. In addition, SANYO has formulated the standard of the writing format and started the product licensing

CD-R media remarkably became widespread because of its reasonable price and the superior compatibility. On the other hand, the needs for large volume of data writing, such as video writing have grown. For large volume of data writing, DVD media (4.7GB) will become widespread as well. In addition, users demand the media, which have intermediate range of the capacity between CD-R and DVD since there is a large capacity difference between these 2 media. Besides these capacity variation demands, users also demand usability and affordability. "HD-BURN" technology meets these needs and realizes large volume data writing at a moderate price.

A written disc by "HD-BURN" technology is compatible with a DVD player, and allows the player to read the disc with some modification of firmware. SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. will disclose the technology used to read the media written with "HD-BURN" technology by a DVD player, and will propose to other DVD drive manufacturers that they adopt this technology as an industry standard.

Benefits of the HD-BURN technology to users
Double capacity
The high-density writing technology, "HD-BURN" allows a conventional CD-R media to write twice as much as its own capacity. This drive is ideal for large volume data storage such as video data.
High speed writing and reading
"HD-BURN" mode allows 36X (CD-ROM) writing speed and 80X (CD-ROM) reading speed at the maximum by using CLV (Constant Linear Velocity) format.
BURN-Proof prevents writing errors caused by Buffer Under Run errors
Support for CD-RW media
CD-RW media support by HD-BURN will be realized by modified firmware in the future. CD-RW media support by HD-BURN enables 24X data writing speed at the maximum for commercial CD-RW media.
Applications software
Available applications software for writing are B's GOLD by B.H.A and Nero by AHEAD. Users can easily use HD-BURN writing technology since these applications have DVD video writing feature and Video authoring feature.

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