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Discussione: Data uscita Ninja Gaiden

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    Be Attitude for Gains L'avatar di Spiritmonger
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    Cool Data uscita Ninja Gaiden

    Dal sito Tecmo:

    The upcoming action/adventure title will hit store shelves in early February

    TORRANCE, Calif., December 5, 2003-Tecmo® announced today that its highly anticipated title, Ninja Gaiden® for the Xbox® video game system from Microsoft will launch early next year. In its final stages of development, the decision was made to move the release date after Tecmo's esteemed development team known for their commitment to superior quality, Team Ninja, determined that they could further improve upon the already high quality of the game.

    "Team Ninja is known for their commitment to perfection and the decision is only a reflection of their desire to create the best action game ever," John Inada, Tecmo's General Manager said. "I can tell you that Ninja Gaiden, as it stands today is more than complete by most other publishers' standards but we are proud of the fact that we're allowed to place the quality before the fast buck. To stay true to Tecmo's lofty philosophy, we chose this extra time to further fine-tune and enhance the game. We must maintain the highest of standards. Consumers buying Ninja Gaiden will be in for a very special treat when the game is released next year. We plan to give them the best gaming experience possible."

    About Ninja Gaiden
    One of Tecmo's most treasured franchises will be given new life this February when a whole new action-packed Ninja Gaiden hits store shelves...with a vengeance. The player takes on the role of the powerful and mysterious ninja, Ryu Hayabusa, who seeks revenge after his clan is massacred by the Vigor Empire.

    Realistically violent battle sequences and acrobatic ninja moves restore Ninja Gaiden to its rightful place in the action/adventure hall of fame. Tecmo's revered development team, Team Ninja, has created a unique new Xbox(tm) Live Compatible feature within Ninja Gaiden. The Master Ninja Tournament, a new feature developed specifically for the game, will allow players to participate in a nationwide competition. Here, they will test their honed ninja skills and find out who is the top Ninja Gaiden player in the country. Participants in the tournament will compete in downloadable trial missions only made available through Xbox Live. Top ranked players will win special prizes and also be included in the Ninja Gaiden Hall of Fame. Tecmo will continue to reveal more details regarding the rules and prizes in weeks to come.

    Ninja Gaiden is scheduled to launch onto store shelves early February with a suggested retail price of $49.99. An ESRB rating is still pending at this time. Gamers can pre-order Ninja Gaiden at Tecmo's website (http://www.tecmoinc.com). For additional information on the game, visit the official Ninja Gaiden website (www.ninjagaidengame.com)

    Fonte: http://www.ninjagaidengame.com/Ninja...lease12_5.html

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    LiricoAlchimistaAlcolista L'avatar di dekko
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    finalmente una buona notizia..

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